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Jon Bolstridge, ’14

Jon Bolstridge
Age: 20
Year: 2014
Hometown: Southborough, MA
Major: Marketing and Psychology
Relationship Status: Single
Current City: Dublin, Ireland

Why Dublin?: The main reason why I first looked in to Dublin was because of my family. My mom’s side has a strong Irish heritage so I thought it’d be great to experience where my family originally comes from.

Missing most about Elon?: To name a few, I’m missing my fraternity (Pi Kappa Phi), all of my friends, and being able to watch the Patriots.

Five Minutes of fame: Not many people know this, but I was a child model. The big one I did was a Playskool board game called Slide ‘n’ Ride.

Food/Restaurant: Mexican is my absolute favorite type of food. Although it began to change this past spring, Pancheros was my absolute favorite place for a quick bite to eat.
Drink: Rum and Coke, hands down
Thing about Dublin: Pubs get first place, but in a close second is the countryside. It’s nice to escape the city every once in a while.
Song: Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who

Celeb crush: Kate Beckinsale. British accents get me every time.

Perfect date: The day would start off with going to a Patriots game, meeting the team, and sitting next to Bob Kraft. Then in the evening having steak fajitas, followed by a booze cruise on the ocean.

5 things about my dream girl: My dream girl would have a good sense of humor, a general knowledge of sports, and also be outgoing and spontaneous

Relationship/Dating advice: Don’t be clingy. Seriously…it’s not cute.

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