An Introduction to Clean Beauty Products

A new trend has risen surrounding clean beauty products. What does clean mean and does it really matter to our skin/hair if our products are ‘clean?’ Clean beauty products refer to how the ingredients are processed and which ingredients are included. Whether they’re organic, vegan and overall safer to use on our skin. After all, we only have one body, might as well take care of it! Generally, clean means that the products do not have any parabens, sulfates, mineral oil or aluminum. These ingredients are either proven to, or have a pattern of, causing irritation to the skin or the eyes and increasing skin sensitivities. Consider avoiding products that use mineral oil because it can dehydrate your skin and clog your pores (ew). Clean beauty products eliminate this risk and provide a safer alternative.

There is not a lot of research surrounding the effect of parabens and sulfates on our skin. Therefore, is not completely supported that removing these ingredients from our skincare products will change their effects. What we can trust is the consumer response, which has been abundantly positive. Even though there is a lack of research and some may argue that clean beauty products are a hoax, parabens and sulfates are used as preservatives and can have harsh effects on our skin. Do you really want to use the same ingredients used in preservatives? Included below are some of the best clean beauty products on the market right now, free of preservative ingredients.

Sephora has labeled all of their clean beauty products to make it quick and easy for the consumer to find. However, if you want to investigate the validity of these clean beauty products yourself, check the ingredient labels. Deciphering which ingredients could be harmful can prove to be a difficult task. The ingredients list is in scientific jargon which can make it difficult to determine what actually constitutes a sulfate or a paraben (because there are a lot of different kinds). Look for ingredients such as methylparaben or sodium dodecyl sulfate. Sephora offers a wide range of products from skincare to fragrances to deodorants.

Drunk Elephant is a mainstream high-end skincare line. According to their website, they avoid ingredients that could potentially harm our skin and only use ingredients that support its health. In 2019, Drunk Elephant has 36 digital mentions already, and it’s only March. Drunk elephant offers a wide range of products from serums, to moisturizers, to sun protection. My personal favorite, B-Hydra intensive hydration serum, is the perfect fix for dry winter skin. This serum brightens and smooths your skin and comes in sleek simple packaging.

B-Hyrda Intensive hydration serum

Origins is a high-end skincare line that focuses on the science behind the skincare products. None of their products have the offending ingredients. Origins also focuses on being mindful regarding the environment. They purposefully use minimalistic designs to limit the waste produced. Not only do they consider the effects that their products have on our skin, but they think about our world and their impact on it. One of my favorite products is the Ginzing Gel Moisturizer. It gives your skin a hydrating boost with a pleasant citrus smell.

Ginzing Gel moisturizer

Briogeo, another line of clean products, prides themselves on being cruelty free. According to their website, the word Briogeo directly translates to: “vibrant and full of life [and] Earth and Nature.” Their products are safe and produce real results. This brand mainly focuses on hair products, with countless shampoos and conditioners for all your hair care needs. The Don’t Despair, Repair deep conditioning mask works wonders on curly hair, like mine. This hair mask hydrates and helps to eliminate frizz, without weighing your hair down!

Don't Despair, Repair!

Next time you are shopping for your skincare fix, consider going clean. Think proactive, not reactive. Clean products are not just a trend, they provide an alternative that supports health within beauty.