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How to Fit Everything in During Your Last Few Weeks at School

With final projects and tests looming over your head, it’s hard to put down the books and enjoy your last few weeks of the semester. The sun is coming out, the weather is getting warmer and all you want to do is enjoy yourself with your closest friends. The whole semester, you’ve talked about your bucket list of places to visit or new restaurants to try. But how are you going to squeeze this all in a matter of days? Take a step back, whip out your calendar, and start planning. Here are a few things to remember while making your bucket list come true before you head back home. 



  1. Make a list

The state fair? Amusement park? World famous diner? Boho boutique? You’ve been dreaming about what all of these experiences would be like, so go for it! The weather gets warmer each day so take the outdoors. Even if there’s a rainy day, there’s still options of art galleries or malls that you can totally venture into. Although you may not be able to hit every stop on the list, decide what you want to do most, and set your mind to it.


2. Prioritize

Yes, the end of the semester is a time packed with school work and projects that count for way too much of your grade. Make a plan to study ahead of time, mark those due dates, and prioritize your studies. If you have big afternoon plans after a huge test, use it as motivation to get your sh*t done ASAP. The hard work with little procrastination will make you feel even better about your excellent grade in the future.


3. Gather up the girl squad

You and your girl friends have connected over similar interests, love of smoothie bowls or this season’s overall trend. Send out a group text of places you want to visit and everyone will hop on the bandwagon. Get the carpool set, playlist ready, and your camera ready for artsy instagrams that will come throughout your weekend adventures. Time to make more memories with your favorite girls.


4. Make a schedule

There’s only a certain amount of weekends a year, do not let one of them go to waste. Especially weekends with beautiful spring weather. You’ve already mapped out your academic plan for the last few weeks of school, so plug in those fun days in the empty spaces on your calendar. Make every second, hour, day, week count.


5. Don’t waste a day

College is a limited amount of time to embrace the good times with friends, learn about yourself, and discover what are your true passions. Especially if you are far away from home, you have a certain amount of days to embrace your home away from home. Take a wrong turn on a long car ride with friends, you might encounter a cute clothing boutique and find that outfit you’ve been looking for for ages. Road trip with friends to a different city with no itinerary and see where the day will take you.


Life is full of endless possibilities especially during college, so it’s time to stop wasting your days away watching Netflix and start completing that end of the semester bucket list. Enjoy your last few weeks of spring semester and venture out of your comfort zone. You never know what you’ll find.

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