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How to be Antisocial

Let's face it, sometimes you are too busy to hang out with someone and sometimes... you just don't want to. So, here I present a list of everything you could say as an excuse to not hang out with someone or to not go to a certain event...

1) I have too much homework.

2) I haven't slept in, I don't know, 10 days or so.

3) I'm not a huge fan of *insert event*, maybe something else?

4) Sorry, I have a huge paper in this class that I haven't even started on. I also haven't really been to class soooo... *walks away slowly*

5) One of my other friends already asked me to hang out with them then. "I haven't even told you a date" Well, um, they take all my time.

6) It's my time of the month so I don't know how emotionally or physically available I'll be

7) I have something that day

8) Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give off the impression I like you. I'll work on that.

9) Yeah! Text me! *never responds to texts*

10) Huh? I can't hear you! I'm sorry I'm *crackle* breaking *crackle*

11) Sorry, I don't have an outfit for that.

12) My camel is giving birth that day. It's a messy business, could take weeks.

13) I'm traveling to Europe that day.

14) I'm moving to Europe that day.

15) I'm dying that day.

16) Sorry, I'll be sick.

17) I have to eat pie that day.

18) Umm...well...*walks away*

19) *starts conversation with someone standing nearby*

20) *puts in headphones*

21) *intently stares in opposing direction of human*

22) I have to live my life.

23) I'm busy.

24) My camel's baby is having a baby.

25) I'd love to, but this homework is insane.

26) I have to write a blog post.

27) I have to read a blog post.

28) I have to give a speech.

29) Dude, I have like 1,698 emails waiting to be discarded.

30) I don't know if my followers would be okay with us hanging out.

31) Here's some food, how about you go take it somewhere. Without me.

32) No hablo ingles. Lo siento.

33) I have a class at that time....Oh, it's on a Saturday? Yep, I still have a class.

34) That goes against my life goals.

35) If you aren't in the calender, you aren't in my life.

36) No.

37) I can't.

38) I won't.

39) I don't wanna.

40) You can't make me.

41) I'm sorry?

42) No thank you.

43) Tata forever.

44) I'd rather not.

45) My professor doesn't want me to.

46) I like other people more.

47) I have to write a rap song.

48) What if I told you that I am actually a ghost who can't hang out with anyone?

49) What if I told you I'm a vampire who can't go out at the day, but I'm also a morning person so I sleep at night?

50) What if I told you no?

So, what do you think? Would use any of these to away from going to something you don't want to go to? If so, or if you have another idea, comment below!


Hello! My name is Camden Campe and I am a Creative Writing and Marketing double major at Elon University. I spend my free time doing homework (because let's face it, who doesn't?), reading as many books as I possibly can, watching Netflix (again, who doesn't?), going to Christian events, fencing (think Parent Trap if you are unsure of what that is), and writing for Her Campus and for my personal blog. Have you ever thought about how only 26 letters can evoke so much emotion when placed in the right order? Crazy, right?
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