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The Hottest New Necklace Trends Around Campus

Keeping up with the newest trends can be tricky, however some are pretty easy to spot. Like who can avoid the sudden Adidas sneakers comeback? And now everyone is ditching their classic aviators for flashy mirror-lens sunglasses with cool frames and a bar across the top. But there is one new thing lately that I’ve noticed girls are always rocking. Trendy necklaces.

Have you noticed unique chokers and wrap necklaces that everyone is now sporting with their coolest outfits? These necklaces range from little beaded chokers, to plain suede wraps, to suede wraps with stones on the end, and so much more. But the real question is, where can you get these unique necklaces and for how much? Well that’s where I come in to help. Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts that make and sell a range of styles and any other information you could need!

1. @lindseytdesigns

Lindsey from @lindseytdesigns is an amazing seller for any style imaginable! She is a student here at Elon, so it’s unbelievably easy to get your hands on her cute pieces. Her necklaces range from the coolest and most intricate beaded chokers, to fun suede wraps! The options are literally endless, and her Instagram says it all. You can see all the cute girls who rock their LTD necklaces around daily. She also gives you options to mix-and-match to your taste! Purchases are made through her Etsy page, etsy.com/shop/LindseyTDesigns, or e-mail for more details. Prices range from $20-$35. Definitely check her pieces out, she has it all!


2. @pieceofworkcollection

Rachel from @pieceofworkcollection is yet another fun account to check out! She is also a fellow Elon student, so purchasing her stuff is super convenient! Rachel has unique handmade items, but her most popular style is her to-die-for chokers. Her chokers are made with a variety of materials and hand-stitched with different beads, fringe, lace, and so much more! She also has a ton more styles, like suede wraps with pretty stones and bright tassels. She gives you the option to customize too, what more could you want? Purchasing is easy through a quick Instagram direct message. Her prices range from $20-$35. Definitely take a look at Rachel’s stuff if you’re looking to make a bold statement around campus.

3. @suedeandstones

This seller @suedeandstones is one of the most unique I have ever seen! Her most popular product is the long suede wrap with a large statement stones attached. All come in different wrap and stone colors, and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. She offers many other styles as well, like chains and wraps with funky arrowhead charms. Purchasing is done through her Etsy page, suedeandstones.etsy.com. Prices range from about $20-$30. I encourage you to check her pieces out if you want to stand out from everyone else!

4. @summerlovedesigns

This Instagram account @summerlovedesigns has a variety of cute hand-made jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and bracelets! This was the first account I encountered that made me obsessed with simple beaded chokers. Since then, she has transformed her stuff into the coolest, most intricate pieces! Purchasing is as simple as screenshotting a picture of the piece you want, texting it to her, and your order is placed. It’s as simple as that! Prices range anywhere from $15-$40. If you want to play around with different styles and layering, go give this Instagram account a look!

So check these talented girls and their amazing pieces out, and get yourself a trendy new necklace to rock around campus!


Fairfield, Connecticut Elon University, Class of 2019
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