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Home for the Holidays

Nothing can beat going home for the holidays. Whether it’s going home for just a few days for Thanksgiving or for a longer break during winter, going home is something to never take for granted. While some feel that going home from the hustle and bustle of college is anticlimactic, there are so many reasons to cherish every second of it.

1. Home-cooked meals.

For most, going home means we can give our wallets and apartment kitchens a break and let our families treat us to their delicious cooking. Especially during Thanksgiving, the fall dishes my mom makes are to die for, like her butternut squash soup and appetizer spreads! 

2. Your own bed.

After a stressful semester, it would be a lie to say most of us don’t miss our bed at home. There is something about your childhood sheets and the comfort of familiarity that can make us so content. When I walk in the door of my house, you can bet that’s the first place I will be.

3. Seeing high school friends.

While being with your college friends and meeting new ones is exciting, it’s always nice to come back to the same people you’ve grown up with. Reminiscing and embracing nostalgia are frequent activities of mine throughout the holidays, and reuniting with my high school friends makes home so much better.

4. Seeing relatives.

Seeing relatives you don’t normally see can sometimes be overwhelming, however can also be somewhat of a breath of fresh air. At college you’re surrounded by close-to-your-age students 24/7 and sometimes need a good adult conversation. Having relatives over for Thanksgiving/Christmas to compliment “how grown up you are” isn’t the worst thing.

5. No responsibility.

For a brief period in your hectic college life, you can take a break and have no real responsibilities for the time being. Yes, you might have some chores given from your nagging parents here and there, but for the most part you can just relax and embrace doing nothing. Not having any school work, meetings or other obligations can be incredibly needed after a long semester.

Fairfield, Connecticut Elon University, Class of 2019
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