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Halloween Costumes: Choosing Taste over Tricks

Everyone has heard the famous line from the popular movie Mean Girls: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Movies like this, and quotes like this, are what make girls think that you can dress like a slut on Halloween and it’s OK. Fortunately, there are Halloween costumes that are sexy and tasteful without making you look like you would rather just be wearing your birthday suit.

Junior Ashley Bunting commented on the common cliché of girl’s costumes in college settings. “Female Halloween costumes are not only slutty and distasteful at times, but they also won’t keep you warm, which results in a lot of girls getting sick when they are walking around in something close to a bra and underwear in late October,” she said.

So instead of being the girl who ends up with bronchitis the day after Halloween, you can still be “sexy” and “tasteful” on Halloween while also remaining healthy by choosing creative costumes over skimpy outfits.

One example of a costume that is cute and can be transformed into something warm and not too revealing is Sandy or Rizzo from the classic movie musical “Grease.” Put on some cute black leather pants, a pink jacket and some pumps and you have a sexy and classy outfit that can still accentuate your “assets.” Another example that would be an obvious, “I know who you are!” would be Beyonce in her “Single Ladies” video. Slip on a leotard and put your hair in a way that is obvious to your peers and you have a sexy yet semi-warm costume. There are many other Halloween costumes that will allow you to still look great and inventive but not look like you are trying too hard to show as much skin as you can.

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