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Going Home for Spring Break isn’t All That Bad

When you think of spring break, your mind most likely goes straight to wild parties on the beach for a week straight in a tropical destination. You probably also think about the spring break bod you’ve been working on and the job you picked up to be able to afford this unreal vacation. As exciting as this sounds, spring break can also be a great time to relax after six straight weeks of classes and continuous homework piled up day after day.


As a sophomore, I have only experienced one spring break and I made the decision to return home after two months away from my family and friends. As a freshman, I was thrilled to see my friends because that feeling of homesickness still lingered as my second semester was a little more challenging than the first. Over spring break, I had time to visit nearby friends at different schools who wanted me to experience their life at college.

As break rolls around in less than a week, I made the decision to fly home again. Personally, I feel it is in my best interest to return to the homestead to hug my parents and sleep in my bed that I have missed so dearly. Here are a few reasons why taking the week off from college partying and constant busyness may be the choice for you:

  1. More Relaxation – Netflix and chilling might seem lame, but it’s about time you catch up on that show you’ve been meaning to watch for months. There’s nothing like a lazy week of getting cozy and becoming a couch potato.

  2. You see your pet – I ask my parents to send me a picture of my little puppy at least three times a week. She is a priority when I FaceTime home, and the countdown to cuddling with her is finally almost over.

  3. Hometown food – Real pizza, bagels, mom’s home cooked pasta dish, veggies, that restaurant that you love. The list could go on. It’s time to get away from that college meal plan and late night cookout runs. Your body is ready for some real food, and by real food, I mean your mom’s delicious cooking

  4. Saving money – Not only will you save a large amount of money by being home, you can also make some money too! A few babysitting jobs throughout the week or picking up your regular job will bring you a little side cash to get through the next two months at school.  

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