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Girl Power in the Sports Industry

Dear Sports Industry,

Gender roles consume our society from before we are born. We are taught pink is for girls, blue is for boys. Girls play dress up, boys play sports. These established gender roles create a barrier in the workforce.

I am a sport management major. Yes, I am a girl. And yes, I am a girly girl. From the first day of class, the Sport Management Department referred to me as the Elle Woods of sport management. I have no problem being Elle Woods. Actually, I take it as a compliment but just like Elle, I am underestimated because I am not your typical male, athlete. The most aggravating thing about being a girl in the sports industry is the fact that I always have to prove my love of sports to other people. How come when I say my favorite football team is the Detroit Lions, I get asked to name five players on the team but when a guy says his favorite team no one even questions him? Then, when I do successfully name the entire roster, I get a jaw dropping look like I just won the lottery. It is honestly sad that I am just 18 years old and I already know that in a few years when it is time for me to get a job, I won’t be taken seriously because I am a girl. I am going to have to work ten times as hard as a man to be given respect. I have been asked 1,000 times why am I a sport management major and my response is always, I like a challenge. 

I can’t wait to prove the world wrong. So, I am prepared for all the doubt, the judgment, and lack of appreciation. Just like Elle Woods showed the court that she is not some naive female who dresses cute, I will show the sports world that I am good enough. 


Brooke Cohen

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