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Mini Gifts Under 15$

Cammie Brady


For the holidays we have a lot of gifts to get for people. If you are looking to buy cheap gifts that say a statement... you have come to the right place. Here are some awesome deals on cute gifts.


My first gift is my absolute favorite, I bought this for myself. Ulta has buxom lip sets called Dusk to Dawn Eyes and Lip Duo. It comes with a full Buxom lip gloss which usually ranges around $20 and a mini buxom mascara. I am obsessed.


Another cute gift idea is very simple and very affordable. Go to your local Target, CVS or Walmart and get the classic fuzzy socks and eye mask. This is a great gift because people absolutely love fuzzy socks, especially when it is cold. The eye mask is great for college students, when they need to sleep and their roomate is up at night. I love my eye mask and always look for more!


My new found fashion style is a beanie. I think they are cool and can make a statement, but at the same time make you warm in the winter. On Amazon there are a bunch of beanies for under $10, I definitely am going to order one for myself.


If you are looking to go the more clothing route, Forever 21 has amazing shirts and outfits for super cheap! You can buy a cute bodysuit for your friend or a fun t-shirt….a girl can never have too many clothes.


My last gift idea is super easy, a simple Starbucks or Dunkin donuts gift card will leave your friend in smiles, especially the one who are in college. I love coffee and know that everyone can find something at Starbucks or Dunkin. So if you are running late you know the perfect gift.


These are some fun, cute and simple ideas if you are looking for an affordable and fast way to buy a gift, but at the same time something every girl would love!

First year at Elon University, into fashion, trends and living your best lifestyle.
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