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Getting in Shape Intellectually and Mentally

It’s that time of year Collegiates! Back to the pencils, books, and syllabi of college life! For those of you who are first year students, welcome! These will be some of the best years of your life, and definitely the most fun! Sadly, college is not all fun and games, so getting into the right frame of mind is essential for scholastic success. Here are some ideas for getting back to school right!
Have a planner!
The planners that you are given during Freshman Orientation can help you manage your school and social lives
easily. Once you receive your syllabus for each class, write down all of the important dates such as midterms, finals, and when papers are due. This will save you from leaving things until the last minute, and help you keep in mind how much work you have to do!
Elon Sophomore Emily Merlin suggests making a “To Do” List, “so that the last thing you see before you leave is a reminder of goals, NOT a distraction of clutter.” Getting organized is the first step to thinking clearly!
Browse through your textbooks
If you want to gauge how much you will understand in a class, the first place you should look is in your textbook! Is it easily readable? If it isn’t, then odds are you will need to put more effort into that class. It is sometimes a good idea to look through them just to get an idea of the things that will be covered in class.
Another way of preparing for school is by going through your previous years’ class notes! Junior Elizabeth Floyd keeps all of hers. “ I reorganize important past notes that are relevant to my current classes.” Doing this will refresh your memory on what you have already learned, and what you have had trouble on in the past.
Not only is your mental preparedness essential, but also physical readiness is crucial for success. Summer nights can be long and fun, but getting back to school makes that all stop short for a time as we get adjusted to new classes.
Get your Sleep!

While it may be tempting to party every night during the first week, sleep is the biggest thing that affects your success. You need to get the right amount of sleep for your brain to succeed. The recommendation for college kids is 6-8 hours of sleep, but even partying one night less a week will greatly impact your grades and make you a better student!
Eat Right!
 One big issue for many college students is eating healthily on campus. Elon offers many healthy food options instead of all of the fried chicken (as good as it can be). Chowing down on some healthy options can boost your brainpower, and can give you more energy. The best thing you can do for yourself is to eat breakfast! This awakens your brain and body and gets you ready to start your day!
Whether is it reawakening your brain for the scholastic year or getting your body ready, every little step is bringing you closer and closer to an awesome school year. Enjoy these first few days of classes, and find a groove that works for you. Good luck out there! 

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