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Get to know Guam and Jenna Jones!!

Name: Jenna Jones

Major: Strategic Communications and a double minor in Leadership Studies and Business Administration

Hometown: Mangilao, Guam

What organizations are you apart of on campus?

I am apart of the Leadership Fellows, I am also a member of the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi, and apart of Student Alumni Ambassadors.

Where is Guam located?

Guam is located in the Western Pacific Ocean about four hours by plane from Japan. It is about 7,900 miles away from Elon.

What is your favorite thing about Guam?

My favorite thing about Guam is the community. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and it is such a safe environment. And obviously, the beaches.

What are some common misconceptions about Guam?

Some common misconceptions are often things like in Guam we don’t speak English, or that in Guam people live in huts and wear grass skirts. None of these are true, its a US territory and not at all a third world country.

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