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Fun Things to do on Campus this Spring

Now that we are back in the swing of things going into the home stretch of the school year, on-campus life is just getting started! There are many events held on-campus after spring break, and if you are looking to get out of your everyday routine once in a while, here are some ideas:


Girl’s Movie Night

Don’t have a car or don’t want to use up precious gas money? Well, fortunately for you there are several different options to make the best girl’s movie night ever! Sick and tired of your Netflix queue? Just hop on over to Belk Library and rent whatever DVD your heart desires. (Check out the extensive collection if you don’t believe me!) You have 7 days to watch it, but you are allowed 3 renewals! If you are looking for more current movies that have recently been released on DVD, walk over to Kangaroo and check out Redbox! For just $2 a day per movie you can enjoy many of the new releases. Once you’ve found the perfect flicks, grab a bunch of your best girlfriends and head over to the basement of McEwen to watch your favorites on the big screen in the McEwen movie theater! (You might have to ask around as to where it is, because it is mainly a rumored secret)

Attend an Elon Sporting Event

Baseball, softball and lacrosse are all in season during the spring, and there is no better way to cheer for your Phoenix than by attending a home game! Also, if spring sports aren’t your thing, check out the Spring Football Game on April 26th at Rhodes Stadium. Before that, you can get one last tailgate in of the school year by attending the “12th Man for Team IMPACT” event hosted by the SEM227B class, right before the game from 4-7PM. By paying $8, you will receive a T-shirt, unlimited food and free admission to the game, as well as numerous prizes, giveaways and FUN! Championship-winning Varsity Men’s Soccer also plays a series of exhibition games right here at Rudd Field during the spring as well. You won’t want to miss these!


Take a “Selfie” at the Spring Concert

Make sure you purchase your ticket ahead of time for the Spring show on May 9th, featuring The Chainsmokers and B.o.B. Last year’s concert was pretty fun with 3LAU and Big Sean, but this year’s lineup is sure to beat that. When The Chainsmokers perform their hit song “Selfie” on stage, you will be guaranteed to see the entire crowd erupt in selfie-taking, and you will certainly feel bad when you look at your Instagram feed the next day seeing everybody’s selfies if you don’t have one from the concert of the semester.


Lend a Hand

You don’t have to leave campus to participate in community service. There are plenty of on-campus opportunities that are available on many weekdays and weekends. Check out the Kernodle Center for various service opportunities on-campus. You never know how many service hours you can accumulate without even leaving the bubble!


Go for a Swim

There is no better way to prepare for summer than by hanging by a pool. What better way to get that beach bod than by showing off your amazing one-piece or bikini! If you are swimming for exercise, the Campus Rec pool is open most days of the week, you can call ahead to see their specific hours. If you are more of a recreational swimmer or just there to lounge around, head on over to the Mill Point pool as long as you are accompanied by a resident of Mill Point and go have a blast!

Have a Picnic

One of Elon’s many claims to fame is that we have the “nation’s most beautiful campus,” so why not take advantage of our good fortune by being outside in the lovely botanical garden that we call our school. Grab some Boar’s Head or Acorn, bring a blanket, a book and a few of your besties for lounging and suntanning on one of the many scenic spots on campus. Who knows, you might find a new hidden gem that many people don’t know about! There is no time like the present to discover all of Elon’s natural beauty, and having a picnic outside is the perfect way to immerse yourself in it. Sometimes a little fresh air is all you need.

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