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Franki Filandro: Delta Sigma Pi

Name: Francesca (Franki)  Filandro

Year: Junior

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Major: Management

Minor: Finance, Leadership Studies, and Communications

What organization are you involved in on campus?

Delta Sigma Pi, a prestigious, professional, co-ed business fraternity.

What is your favorite part about being President of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity?

I love the people that are a part of it. The thing about being the President of a Colony rather than a Chapter is that we can make it whatever we want, and the people involved have had so many great ideas and fantastic input that I think will create solid events and a great image for Delta Sigma Pi for years to come.

What lead you to starting the Elon Colony?

I had been to the interest meetings for the other business organizations on campus and found that I didn’t feel there was a right fit for me personally. As a person that is highly involved on and off of Elon’s campus but also has a passion for business, I wanted something that I could balance with everything that I do that would also feed and grow my knowledge of the business world. After talking to others, I found that there seemed to be a niche in the business school of students that felt the same way. So, I did my research, emailed Delta Sigma Pi Nationals, and received an email the next morning granting me the opportunity to start a colony at Elon University.

What are your goals for Delta Sigma Pi with your time left at Elon?

As silly as it may sound, I genuinely just want its members to be happy. I want them to feel that they have joined something that they enjoy and are excited to be a part of. I also hope that they feel that it has added something positive to their time at Elon not only as business majors, but as aspiring adults about to enter the “real world.”

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

Ah, the magical question for a rising senior. I can honestly say that I have no idea how I picture my future after graduation, but I enjoy the “not knowing.” My life is a book that I have never read before, and the chapter After Graduation is one that I am excited to delve into, but also ready for whatever twists and turns it has to offer. Wherever I end up, my only wish is to be happy where I am. 

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