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Four things fall break makes you realize you miss about home


After a long week of all-nighters, venti coffees and midterms, we all have one foot out the door ready for fall break.  Going home has never sounded so good, especially after frying our brains and eating nothing but the same Boar’s Head sandwich every single day.  Once you finally make it home, you quickly realize some of the little things you missed.  It’s these simple pleasures that make us realize how much we love being home, and here are the top four that come to mind.


1. Your Bed

A twin XL with a sub par mattress doesn’t always satisfy your needs.  The second I walk into the door after a long day of traveling, I immediately drop my bags and head straight for my bedroom.  I sprawl out on my bed and feel sorry that I’ve left it for so long; ready to have the best nights sleep ever.

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2. Home cooking

Before coming home, many of us suggest to our families what dinner we want ready for us our first night at home.  Whether it be soup, pasta, or dad’s grilling, we know exactly what we’ve been deprived of enough to have it waiting for us.  Maybe you’ve even been craving your favorite restaurant.  No matter what it is, returning to your comfort food is one of the things that make Fall Break so exciting.


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3. Your Pets

We’re never really sure how much people have missed us, but we DEFINITELY know that our pets will always give us a warm welcome.  They don’t ask about your grades, the boyfriend you don’t have or how clean your dorm room is.  Let’s be honest, having your sister send you pictures of your dog taking a nap just isn’t the same.


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4. Shopping

By the time October rolls around, online shopping has gotten pretty old.  Fall Break is the best time to take a trip to your favorite mall or boutique.  Whether it’s a jacket to prepare for the cold or an all-out shopping spree, we know exactly what we deserve after midterm week.

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