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Five Way to Stay Hydrated this Spring and Summer

After a really rough end of winter/beginning of spring (I’m looking at you crazy winds), it seems that Spring is finally here to stay. And, if my day of laying out in the sun then falling asleep on the sidewalk outside my apartment building has taught me anything, it’s that I would have felt a whole lot better waking up with gravel marks on my face if I was also at least a little hydrated. While it is widely accepted that eight cups of water a day is the magic number, there are also a growing number of reference suggesting that you should actually be drinking an ounce of water per each pound you weigh (ex: 100 pound person = 100 ounces of water/day).

Most of the reasons that people struggle with drinking water is the lack of taste, inconvenient bottles, and so on. So, below are five way to up your water drinking game:

1. Buy a fun bottle: Whether you want a cup with a straw, a bite-and-suck bottle like CamelBak, or a pop-top like a Contigo there are probably more reusable water bottle options out there than necessary.​


2. Add fruit to your water: this might seem obvious, but the realm of possibilities go beyond a classic lemon or a lime. Strawberries, mint (not a fruit but you get it), and even mango are all great options to add some flavor to your water.

3. Try sparkling water: If you crave the bubbly carbonation found in soda but want to ditch the unnecessary sugars, try sparkling water! Make sure you find one that isn’t basically a soda in disguise, though. (Spindrift and LaCroix are great options!)


4. Or, try decaffeinated tea: If you really need more of a flavor than plain water or fruit, try drinking some decaffeinated tea. For max hydrating and hot weather satisfaction, try making your own at-home iced tea (basically just using a bunch of tea bags in cold water and letting steep for about a day).

5. Download an app: It seems like there’s an app for everything these days, and there probably is but we’re focusing on the water drinking kind. If you just search, “water” or “water tracker” in your app store, there will be more than enough options to choose from. Sometimes you just need that virtual reminder to take a sip (of water).


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