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Finding Your Balance; a Fight between School and Life

As a second semester junior, I am beginning to realize that the days of mild English essays, and open note math quizzes, are over. No longer am I fulfilling the basic requirements of my college career. I am now diving in head first into my true major classes (pun definitely intended).

Though a four-class schedule can seem like a 40-hour work-week, it is important to find ways to still cherish those moments of free time you have— whether it is for an hour or for five minutes. It may seem impossible, but here are some ways to give both yourself, and your brain, a break. 



You may be rolling your eyes right now, but give this a chance. Go onto your phone and download the app “Calm: Meditation & Simple Guided Mindfulness.” I can honestly say this application has saved my constantly running mind. It is filled with calming phrases, breathing techniques and background noises that will give you a moment’s clarity to fix a days stress. 

Enjoy a meal

Don’t make your body suffer when your conscience is racing. Remember to eat and drink throughout the entire day. I cannot tell you how many days I’ve said to myself “I’ll just grab a granola bar for classes”— a granola bar is not enough, everyone. Your brain needs fuel to keep up with your busy schedule, and your body needs power to physically handle it. Most times when I find myself entirely too stressed out, I realize that I haven’t stopped to eat a meal, or sit down to chew and swallow my food within a reasonable time period (hint: if you can’t remember what you ate, you probably ate it too fast.) After all, food is the only thing that you can look forward to three times a day. 

Power nap

Most people lay down to take a nap and end up regretting it because they’ve allowed themselves to sleep for too long during daylight. Sleeping too long will cause your body to become groggier instead of more energized. A power nap is twenty minutes long, so set your timer and make yourself get up the first time it goes off. 

Meet up with friends

Laughter cures everything, everyday. A day without laughing or sharing a smile with a friend is a day wasted. It is proven that smiling and laughing actually do improve your mood! A break from your busy schedule should not consist of sitting on your phone scrolling through social media for half an hour. Interacting with your friends during your day- whether its walking to class or sitting down for dinner together- will help you take a deep breath, and forget about the stress in your life.


So as you delve into your spring semester, breathe. You always have time for a laugh, a snack, or a moment’s rest— don’t let your classwork convince you otherwise! 

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