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Fashion Forward: Top Trends of NYFW

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but that does not mean that the trends are already out of season. While many times Fashion Week can be an exaggerated, unrealistic preview of the upcoming style season, it is also the very first place where trends are started. This year was no different, as New York Fashion Week introduced fans to several trends for the spring season.


Polo Shirts

Time to whip out your old high school uniform, ladies! Chances are you probably have one (or several) of these bad boys hanging in your closet right now.  Polo shirts are this year’s crop top, and the trend is making them versatile. Whether pairing this prep staple with an edgy leather skirt or simply classing up your everyday street style, these classic button downs are coming back better than ever. 


Whoever said don’t wear too much white was clearly mistaken. Layers of white on white were all the rage at this year’s Fashion Week, as it is becoming the coolest color of the season. White was everywhere on the runways, from simple white dresses to billowing pants and even motorcycle jackets. While white may seem simple, it is in the details of these clothes that make the white on white trend stand out so much.



Stripes of all different colors, sizes and lengths were on full display this year, from Lacoste to DKNY and everything in between. Some designers went so far as to create stripes that formed geometric shapes, while others freshened up classic pieces like waistcoats a little more flavor with fun and extravagant stripes.


It’s hard not to be this trendy when these pieces are part of your everyday wardrobe. Luckily, these three trends are all very common and classic, just with more modern twists. You don’t even have to take a trip to the mall to be fashion forward this season.  



Photo caption: http://blogs.nordstrom.com/fashion/files/2014/09/trend-recap-2015-new-yo…

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