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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

In college, it is difficult to find a healthy balance between anything. More importantly, what many students don’t realize is that they need a healthy balance is in their relationships. Many students choose to become involved in relationships and that soon becomes their life. They are spending every moment they are not in class with their significant other.
Even though it is great to spend time with your significant other, it is also healthy to make sure you have a life outside of that person.
There are things that you can do to help you balance your lives with your significant others and your work life. One of these things would include joining organizations without your him or her. Maybe even joining organizations that you have an interest in but you were held back because you wanted to stay with your significant other.

Another thing that you can do in order to keep your romantic life separated from your school life would be to have date nights. Set aside designated nights for you and your significant other to spend 100% of the time together. This will still allow you to spend time with them, but during the week you still can spend time on working on your schoolwork and spending it with your friends.
Also, if you feel like doing a date night isn’t’ enough, you can always do a date night more than just one night. But even if that doesn’t sound appealing find ways of spending time together but make sure you have set aside time for your friends and work.
It is very easy for people in long term relationships to spend more time with their boyfriends or girlfriends only because it is easier and they feel comfortable. It is very important, however, for both sides of the relationships to have lives other than those with their significant other.
Another tip to try and divide your lives so that you are not spending too much time with each other is to eat meals with other people. Instead of treating every meal like a date, find friends to go to dinner and lunch with. Again, it is easy to just eat with someone whom you know will eat with you, but it is important to create relationships outside of the one you are already in.
Joining different clubs, having meals with friends, and creating designated nights to hang out can help a relationship flourish even when it’s been going on for years. Doing all these things could really improve your relationship with friends and help each of the parties in the relationship realize how special their bond really is and will help you really cherish the time that you do spend together.

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