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The Cutest Jackets for this Winter

With Thanksgiving approaching, the weather is getting colder and colder and jackets are becoming a necessity. I know what you’re thinking: I don’t want to ruin my perfectly curated outfits with a huge jacket! Jackets can really make or break an outfit so you don’t want one that doesn’t fit the look. Well, no need to ruin any outfit because there are endless fashionable jackets out there that can make any outfit look even more amazing.


This I.Am.Gia Pixie Coat is all the rage this season. It is soft and cozy but still cute! I have seen endless fashion bloggers sporting this coat for the fall/winter season and it is a must have with its boyfriend style fit.



This Free People Cropped Leopard Denim Jacket is the perfect spin on the classic denim jacket. Leopard print is all the rage this season and I think putting it on a denim jacket makes it even better. Throwing this on will take any outfit to the next level. Its cropped cut and the fun pattern makes this something you can’t miss out on!



I’m sure you have seen Urban Outfitters Carmella Cozy Reversible Teddy Coat around campus. It is the softest coat I have felt in a while and the name of the coat is correct, it is COZY. If you’re looking for something that is stylish and super comfy, this is the best coat for all winter.  



This Borg Biker Jacket from Topshop is a classic and timeless biker look for your winter wardrobe. You’d gain some serious style points with this jacket and can dress it up or down with jeans and a top or with a trendy dress.



The It’s Magic Jacket from Vestique is everything you want in a fuzzy coat. This brown coat is warm and cozy adorned with a collar to add a little something. There is so much versatility with this coat as it could be paired with almost any of your winter wardrobe (maybe minus the sweatpants).



This Creekside Corduroy Jacket is the perfect color for the fall transition into winter. The fuzzy faux fur collar creates a cozy feeling. This is a jacket that you need if you are looking for a change of pace from the classic denim jacket because it is a similar style, but gives off a very different look.


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