Cute Yet Comfy

Cute Yet Comfy

By Cammie Brady


Now that the first week of school is over, everyone just gives up looking cute. Those 8 am classes become dreadful and all you care about is having comfy clothes on and making it to on time. If you have a little extra time in the morning and want to feel good during the day, these 5 style items will take your comfy style to cute.

Joggers. Joggers are an essential item to any girl’s wardrobe. They are comfy and most likely cute. I always make sure I have a pair of joggers with me no matter if it is hot or cold outside. Joggers always go with a cute pair of sneakers, like Nike Air Max’s or Stan Smiths. If it is warm out I pair my joggers with a plain colored tank top that I tie in a knot. In the winter a cute sweatshirt or tight shirt will make the outfit look stylish.


Sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are cute for the fall, whether they are from a town or a trendy store, they always make for a fun, messy look. Oversized sweatshirts are very comfortable and give an edge to your style.


Sneakers. Sneakers are comfy and edgy. I always make sure I have a pair of Nike Airs or Stan smiths with me, because worst case scenario I have a backup pair of stylish shoes. They go perfectly with jean shorts, joggers, leggings, practically anything. They add an element of edge to the outfit and are comfortable.


Hats. If you are not feeling the morning and have no desire to put on makeup and do your hair, a hat is perfect. I always have a plain hat with me, no matter if I am going to class or to the airport, I throw on the hat and just go. It is an easy hack to look cute if you are not feeling like putting in effort to your morning routine.


Buxom lip gloss. If I am at my laziest or at my best I always, always have buxom. Buxom makes your lips feel and look amazing. I always feel better and know that everything will be okay with my buxom. It is an essential item that every girl must have.


So, if you are just not feeling it in the mornings, follow these hacks and it may turn your day around