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Cute Outfit Ideas When You Don’t Want to Try

1. Oversized denim jackets

Oversized denim jackets are perfect to make any outfit look more trendy, yet seemingly effortless. It’s easy to find the perfect jacket for you, and they come in many different washes and styles. I found mine at Good Will for $5 and distressed it myself, or shop the look below at Forever21. I throw it on over baggy sweatshirts and throw my hair in a messy bun and still somehow look cute.


2. Joggers

Joggers can look so cute and flattering if you style them the right way. Either pair it with a cropped sweatshirt to play up the comfy look or wear them with a plain t-shirt and sneakers. You can buy them at a range of places, including TJMaxx or Forever21.


3. Baseball Hats

I swear by baseball hats even when I’m not having a bad hair day. I’ve been really into wearing a distressed & washed-out baseball hat with two pigtail braids or a low messy bun. I usually will wear a jean jacket, sweatshirt, and leggings and throw on a hat with two messy braids. It surprisingly looks sporty chic. My current favorite is a distressed-looking camo Elon hat.


4. Cropped sweatshirts

My friend got me into cropped sweatshirts in the last few weeks, and I haven’t stopped wearing them since. I had an old Champion sweatshirt lying around and decided to give it a cut to give it a cool boxy look. I wear it with high waisted leggings/joggers or even distressed boyfriend jeans for an effortlessly cute outfit.


5. Big scarves

Oversized clothing is always comfy and can be cute at the same time. So if you’re wearing a plain t-shirt and leggings, wrap a soft oversized scarf around your neck to make any outfit seem like you put a lot more effort in than you actually did. I usually just toss one on with a sweatshirt to make my lazy outfit look a bit more chic.


See below for Pinterest pictures of some these pieces incorporated into cute and easy looks.

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