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To the College Freshmen, Hang in There

Dear College Freshman, 

I know this year seems impossible and like everything is going wrong, but please hang in there. This year has been disappointing to say the least, you were promised the best four years of your life and absolute freedom, which is definitely not what you got. Every upperclassman and really any person feels for you. It’s unfair, but that’s just the way it is. Sometimes it seems like COVID-19 may never end, but I promise you it will and we will find ways to adapt. This has been a year filled with change and uncertainty, which makes being a college freshman even more nerve-wracking. It may seem easy to blame things on the college you’re at, which may be true, but if you can try to, finish this last semester. I can’t promise that next year will be 100% “normal,” but it will be better. We are all doing the best we can to adapt. 

If you are enrolled in in-person classes, make the effort to talk to your fellow classmates, even if it is uncomfortable with masks on. While in a normal year I’d say to go and grab coffee with classmates and friends, this year is different and that may not be possible for you. I know it’s easy to go to class, keep your head down and zone-out, but this year is all about making an effort. If you can, go outside your comfort zone and talk to that person in your class who could maybe be a friend. Even if it’s uncomfortable, that’s the way to make connections. Say hi to those who live in your hall, even if that’s not your style. In past years you could usually just go into someone’s room and sit and hang out, but this year’s different. Make a conversation in passing, in the laundry room, in the common room, anywhere to make connections with other students who are going through the exact same thing. 

Another piece of advice is to give professors a break. I know how easy it is to zone out during a zoom class and turn your camera off and scroll through your phone, but put yourself in the professor’s shoes. I know you most likely have never been in a normal college class, but these professors do their absolute best to engage and connect with each and every student. It’s not fun for them to teach online to a bunch of names with no videos, but they do it anyway. Reach out and keep in contact with your professors, it means the world to them and you can have a great potential advisor and mentor. Your professors are not out to get you, they feel for you and want the best for you, just be honest with them and you will find that they will work with you. 

Keep your chins up, this too shall pass. Finish out this semester strong and you will have officially finished your freshman year. That is a huge accomplishment that you should be proud of, especially in these circumstances. Keep holding on and let’s all hope that next year is the college years you have been promised for so long. 



A college junior who hopes things will be back to “normal” soon ♡

Hi my name is Caitlin Hogge! I live in Westfield, New Jersey and am currently a Junior at Elon University. I'm majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Political Science.
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