Checking In On New Year's Resolutions


It is about a month and a half into 2019 and I wanted to reflect on my four New Year's Resolutions. Before this, I have never been proactive about completing / working at my goals. I wanted to check-in with myself on how I was doing.

  1. Radiate self-confidence, not self-doubt.

This resolution definitely encapsulates the remaining three. As long as I keep the rest up, this one follows. I frankly don’t have time to worry about how I look in the mirror. Life is too short to doubt yourself, especially when you are in a really exciting and busy time of your life.

2. Replace one soda / sugary drink a week with water.

I pride myself on my Protein Blender water bottle being filled up a minimum of four times a day. Drinking water has benefited me greatly. My skin thanks me, my waistline thanks me and my mental health thanks me.

3. Refrain from checking social media often.

Apple’s Timer on apps has really improved how often I check social media. Seeing the staggering numbers really put into perspective how much time I waste checking all of my social media accounts. My hack? Turn off all notifications for Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. I am only checking my phone when I think about it - not every 30 seconds, minutes or hours because I don’t have my screen lighting up.

4. Work out to feel good.

I’ve discovered that a great playlist can make all the difference in working out. Once I get into the grooves of Sam Smith and Normani, my 30 minutes on the elliptical feel like nothing. Whenever I am in the middle of a workout that seems to be dragging, I think of the Elle Woods quote: “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.”

Looking back, my resolutions are going swimmingly. Check back with me in four months and I hope that I will have even more prominent results.