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Carolina Cup 2015

For a northern girl such as myself, painted coolers, seersucker prints, and Jack Rogers were all foreign to me until I came to Elon. However, all of these are staples if you are considering attending the Carolina Cup coming up on March 28. A short three hours from campus, this could be a great way to spend the last weekend of spring break with friends! If you happen to be in the Carolinas for the Cup there are a few things to keep in mind…


It’s a long afternoon of tailgating, horses, and overall southern tradition. The dress code is similar to stepping inside a Vineyard Vines or Brooks Brothers catalog–search for your most preppy article of clothing, and then pick something with just one more bow or whale on it. Boys transform into perfect southern gentlemen in gingham or button down shirts; girls are often found in a rainbow of pastels, pearl necklaces glistening in the hot sun–shaded by big, glamorous and monogrammed floppy hats. It’s the perfect opportunity for fraternizing with college prepsters from all different schools and bonding over sweet tea, as well as providing for MANY Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.


Painting coolers is also a popular activity for Cup attendees. You can decorate each side with things your date, group, or sorority likes, and even if the artwork isn’t grade-A, the experience will be well worth it. Be sure to pack your cooler with PLENTY of drinks and snacks, because it will be a long day tailgating in (hopefully) warm weather.


Even if you cannot physically make it to the horserace, you can host your own Carolina Cup themed party with friends here at Elon or wherever you are spending your spring break.  Mint juleps* in mason jars or lemon squares can be great party snacks, and dressing in pastels or polo-themed decorations can be a good way to stay in theme!

*Check out this recipe for mint juleps courtesy of The Invitation Shop! http://www.theinvitationshop.com/blog/non-alcoholic-mint-julep-recipe


Kayla is a senior journalism major from Boston, Massachusetts and has been with HCElon since her freshman year. At Elon, she is involved in The Edge Magazine, ENN and AOII. 
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