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Carley Gaynes – Hillel Senior Engagement Intern, Leadership Fellow & More!


Age: 20

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Major: Corporate Non-profit Management

Campus Involvement

  • Leadership Fellows- Cannon Committee
  • LEAD Program
  • Admissions- Campus Visit Assistant
  • Hillel- Senior Engagement Intern

What inspires you to stay involved?

I think honestly, because it makes me so happy. I’m one of those people who enjoys having things to do. There is some strange pleasure that I get from meeting new people and getting to have these interactions with folks who are either different from me, or maybe even like me. It’s totally a joy. I receive happiness through other people’s happiness. So just getting to interact with other people really does bring me an element of joy.


What do you plan to do after college?

I have a dream of becoming involved with corporate non-profit organizations and helping large corporations and sports franchises become more philanthropic and engaged in the community. I created an independent major, Corporate Non-profit Management, in order to reflect that. I would really like to dive head first into that industry and see what I can come up with and how we can add a little bit of good to, what is sometimes characterized as, a little bit of a corrupt world.

Of everything you’ve done at Elon, what are you most proud of?

I am probably most proud of creating a first year summer experience. First year students who are coming into Elon have the opportunity to become involved the summer before they arrive here. I was asked to create one called Live the Maroon Life, which just had its second summer, very successfully. It was a really great leadership experience. It taught me a lot about what it means to be an Elon student and how we can better engage incoming students to make them love Elon just as much as all the students who are already here do.


Advice for involvement?

Talk to people. Get out there. Chat with people. If you’re sitting in a classroom before the class starts, turn to someone and ask them about their weekend. You really get opportunities, gain connections, and have more people to say ‘hey’ to across campus once you are willing to talk to others. All it takes is saying hello!



My name is Emily Haley. I am a senior at Elon University studying psychology and communications. I am a focused, determined student with a passion for communications, public relations, and project planning.
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