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Busiest Collegiette at Elon-Jasmine Whaley

The Busiest and Most Dedicated Collegiette™ you will ever meet: Jasmine Whaley!
What is your name, year and Majors/Minors?
My name is Jasmine Whaley. I’m a Junior Political Science and International Studies majors with Religious Studies and Middle Eastern Studies minors.

Have you taken part in any Elon experiences that have stood out to you?
Yes! Freshman year during quiet hours for finals, my roommates and I had a water gun fight and it was the most epic thing I have ever done in my life. The guys across the hall had a catapult and the sprinklers came on and it was a really great way to de-stress.
What activities are you involved with at Elon?
I am the President of Better Together, a Multicultural Ambassador, the intern for Interfaith Engagement at the Truitt Center, a SMART mentor, and sweetheart for Phi Beta Sigma.

What is Better Together?
Better Together is an interfaith organization that is aimed at promoting mutual understanding and respect for people of diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds through community service and social justice initiatives.
What is in the future for Better Together?
I hope that it can have a real impact on the way people talk about religion and the way they think about it as not necessarily something that shouldn’t be talked about and that divides people. It is something that can unite, and I think we are just trying to change the atmosphere and the conversations around religion on campus.
What do you like to do during the free time you find?
I like to read, favorite book: Today my favorite book is the road to Memphis (Taylor) (roll of thunder hear my cry author) I sleep, I shop and I do girly things like practice make-up and make different outfits and hang out with my friends.
What is your favorite part about Halloween?
The clothes! Hands down, the costumes!
Favorite costume at Elon so far? That you have seen?
I saw a belly dancer costume that I really liked.
As a kid, what was your favorite Halloween costume?
I actually didn’t dress up as a kid. I think last year for Halloween I was a Jabbawocky from Americas  Best Dance Crew, and it was fun because I just got to walk into rooms and start break dancing.
Anything else you would like our readers to know?
I like turtles.

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