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Best Restaurants You HAVE To Go to in the Elon Area

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

Elon, North Carolina is a small town, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. There are amazing restaurants in the area that everyone needs to know about. For the next time you’re wondering what to get for dinner, this list has you covered. 


  1. Il Centro Alimentari, Burlington, NC 

Everything from this restaurant is absolutely mouth-watering. From paninis to pasta to salmon, every Italian need you want, this restaurant has. They also offer charcuterie boards if you’re too lazy (like me) to make them . For panini’s, I recommend the Porco panini because  the fresh porchetta will leave you drooling. For pasta, I recommend the cacio e pepe. Their menu is constantly changing so you will never be bored with any of their options! Make sure to check them out at 3290 S Church St, Burlington, NC 27215. 

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  1. Sal’s Italian Restaurant and Pizza 

If you’re in the mood for absolute italian comfort food then this is the right place for you. They have every classic Italian dish and their portions are huge and come with a salad and bread.  What could be better? Their menu is huge, and while it might seem overwhelming, you really can’t go wrong with any of their dishes. Their penne alla vodka is to die for and it feels just like home. Make sure to check them out at 402 Huffman Mill Rd #5119, Burlington, NC 27215, you will not be disappointed. 


  1. Harusaki

If you’ve been on the search for amazing Japanese cuisine, look no further. While Harusaki is a Japanese restaurant, they also have fusion options.  From steak hibachi, to sushi, to noodle dishes, Harusaki has it all. I recommend getting the steak hibachi dinner, you might explode after it, but it will satisfy all of your cravings. The hibachi dinners are huge and come with a soup and a salad, so if you’re extra hungry, they got you covered. Make sure to check them out at 1449 University Dr # H, Burlington, NC 27215.  

  1. Red Bowl Asian Bistro

Red Bowl legitimately has any kind of Asian food you could ever want. They have hibachi, Chinese food, Thai food and so much more. I’d have to recommend the lo mein noodles or really any sushi they have, nothing disappoints. With a nice ambiance and ample seating, this is a great place to go anytime. Red Bowl is also a perfect place to share dishes.  Their  sushi and noodle dishes are perfect to split amongst friends. Make sure to check them out at 3140 Walden Ln, Burlington, NC 27215.


  1. Converge Coffee Bar & Café  

If you’re in the market for a great coffee shop to do work at, Converge is the place to go. Not only do they have great and interesting coffee, they also have a wide variety of toasts and pastries to choose from. If you’re in a sweeter mood they have delicious pastries and if you’re in a savory mood they have amazing avocado toast and chicken salad toast. The ambiance is the perfect match to cramming for a test AND you get to stay fueled up on coffee and treats. Make sure to check them out at Correct Time Plaza 3336 South Church St or 2420 Corporation Parkway, Burlington, NC 27215. 

  1. Salvation Coffee Co. 

Salvation has hands down the most interesting coffee flavors in the Burlington area. From cinnamon toast crunch to lavender, there is such a large variety of flavors. Not only will this coffee wake you up and give you an extra charge, it will also satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Their menu may seem overwhelming, but they really have options for absolutely everyone, even great tea options and pastries. Make sure to check them out at 3321 S Church St, Burlington, NC 27215. 

Hi my name is Caitlin Hogge! I live in Westfield, New Jersey and am currently a Junior at Elon University. I'm majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Political Science.