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Best Local Places for Ice Cream and Froyo

Even though it’s officially fall and starting to rain a lot, that doesn’t mean that were done craving ice cream or froyo. Here is a list of top eight places near Elon that are perfect for a sweet treat:

1)    Best ice cream: Smitty’s

You can’t beat the location of Smitty’s! Located right across the street from McEwen in downtown Elon, Smitty’s is the #1 homemade ice cream parlor around. They always have seasonal flavors along with their staples, and no matter what you get there, you will love it! Make sure to get a punch card, because after you get 12 ice creams you get a FREE LARGE! It doesn’t get much better than that.  

Best flavors: Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Amaretto Cherry Chip, Oreo

Address:    130 N. Williamson Ave.

                 Elon, NC 27244


2)    Best froyo: Sweet Frog

While this is not near campus, (the closest one is in Greensboro), Sweet Frog is a great treat! There are flavors galore–ranging from nonfat, low fat, no sugar added, non-dairy and many others! Similar to almost any froyo place, you choose your flavor(s) and pick your own toppings yourself at the toppings bar. Make up a cool concoction or stick to the classics, the choice is yours!

Best flavors: Eggnog, Maple Bacon Donut, Salted Caramel Corn

Best toppings: Watermelon, Marshmallow Sauce, Pound Cake, Waffle Cookies

Address:          1216 J. Bridford Parkway

                        Greensboro, NC 27407


3)    Ice cream: Yum Yum Better Ice Cream and Hot Dogs

After you’ve stuffed yourself with Chipotle, head on over here, and eat the thick goodness that is Yum Yum! Located on the UNCG campus, you can start off with a nice hot dog or just come in for the tasty frozen treat. Watch out, though, a small will fill you up if you aren’t careful because this ice cream is super thick, but it will most definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Toppings aren’t offered, but it doesn’t matter, because you will be plenty happy with their flavors all by themselves.

Best flavors: Pumpkin (seasonal), Black Walnut (seasonal), Chocolate

Address:          1219 Spring Garden Street

                        Greensboro, NC


4)    Froyo: YoZone!

Also a local favorite, YoZone is located in the city of Burlington. Similar to Sweet Frog, but much more convenient. YoZone is great when you need a pick me up but don’t feel like counting calories. Stop on by after chowing down at Hibachi, or else just pop in for your late night froyo fix. There is also no shortage of toppings here, so feel free to eat your heart out!

Best flavors: Peanut Better, Red Raspberry, Coffee Espresso

Best toppings: Fruit

Address:          309 Huffman Mill Road #410 (in Holly Hill Mall)

                        Burlington, NC 27215


5)    Ice cream: Cold Stone Creamery

Coldstone, the only chain on this list still deserves a spot because there is something magical about Cold Stone. Whether you order one of the ice cream concoctions from their menu or create your own masterpiece, nothing can compare to the happiness you will feel when devouring your treat. The great thing about Cold Stone is the way they incorporate the toppings into the ice cream, so you have a one-of-a-kind delicacy to enjoy.

Best flavors: Birthday Cake Remix, Chocolate Devotion, Cheesecake Fantasy, Mud Pie Mojo, Create Your Own

Best toppings: Pie Filling (Apple/Cherry), Cookie Dough, Whipped Cream, Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Address:          3160 Walden Lane (in Alamance Crossing)

                        Burlington, NC 27215


6)    Froyo: Freshii

While Freshii only has one flavor of froyo (Original), the flavor is still good. It is not tart like Pinkberry, but it is tastier. With your meal plan, you can get up to two toppings and then add additional toppings after that for a small price. Freshii froyo is the best option for the healthy girl on the go. All of the toppings are healthy (yes the little chocolate morsels can be good for you, too), and it makes you feel good about eating your comfort food.

Best flavors: Original (there are no other flavors)

Best toppings: Chocolate chips, strawberries, mango

Address: Inside Winter Garden at Freshii (on-campus)


7)    Ice cream: Six Scoops

This place is similar to Smitty’s in the fact that their ice cream is both homemade and local. The owner grew up in Alamance County on a dairy farm, so ice cream is in Six Scoops’ blood. Open for lunch and dinner, they also offer hot dogs, hamburgers and barbeque, but the main draw is the ice cream. Located in Gibsonville, this is more of a hidden gem, but the ice cream is still amazing!

Best flavors: Almond Joy, Blueberry, Choco Reese, Double Dark Chocolate

Address:    113 E. Main St.

                  Gibsonville, NC 27249


8)    Froyo: Purple Penguin

This is a cute little froyo shop that has many health benefits! They often have deals, including free waffle cones, but check their Facebook ahead of time to see what the specials are.

Best flavors: Pomegranate Raspberry, White Chocolate Mousse, Pecan Praline

Address:          1051 South Main Street

                        Graham, NC 27253


There you have it, ladies! You don’t have to go that far to find the best ice cream and frozen yogurt in town! While the weather conditions might not be ideal ice cream eating time, sometimes the sad weather calls for a sweet treat, and nothing will make the rain better than the deliciousness of everyone’s favorite pick me up! With or without toppings, these places have something for everyone who likes ice cream or who wants to be healthy with some froyo. 

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