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The Best Fall Activities

As the leaves change their colors and slowly descend from the heights of the trees, we begin to welcome my favorite season; fall. Growing up in New England, I always experienced beautiful fall seasons and discovered new things to do to be festive. Here are just a few of my favorite fall activities.

1. Decorating my space with new decor.

One of my all-time favorite things about the fall is the variety of festive decor. Go pick up a good “autumn” smelling candle (my personal favorite is Pumpkin Chai by Nest), get a few pumpkins and gourds for your porch or apartment, switch out your summer-y pillows for warmer toned ones, and get a cozy new throw for your bed or couch.

2. Road trips & weekend getaways.

There’s nothing like driving with the windows cracked open with good music playing, and breathing in the crisp fall air. Go on a fun road trip with your friends, whether it’s 30 minutes or four hours. Or even better, go on a weekend getaway somewhere. I just came back from staying in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, and I am definitely in the fall spirit now.

3. Apple & pumpkin picking

A classic, but who can resist going to a local farm or apple orchard to pick pumpkins and apples. This is one of my favorites because it’s the perfect way to bond with friends and family in a nice fall atmosphere.

4. Outdoor fitness.

The perfect time to go on a run, hike, walk, or play a sport outside is when it’s not too cold, and not too hot. The crisp air and breeze makes outdoor fitness that much more enjoyable. Whether it’s a mom walk through the crunchy leaves or an intramural sports game, the fall is perfect to kick start outdoor fitness.

5. Baking with fall foods & flavors.

There are tons of new flavors and foods that come out during the fall season, like apples and pumpkins! The best activity you could do is whip up some warm pumpkin bread, toast pumpkin seeds, or bake an apple pie.

6. Snuggle up and watch a movie.

One of the other best parts about the fall weather is the ability to snuggle up under a cozy blanket and watch a movie (with your new candles and freshly baked pumpkin bread). While being active is fun in the fall, relaxing is also just as enjoyable.


Fairfield, Connecticut Elon University, Class of 2019
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