Being Gluten Free in College 101

Look for gluten free options

On most college campuses, there are plenty of gluten free options and alternatives. Many schools have salad bars which allow you to still get carbs and protein in your diet. Some schools also have sandwich stations where gluten free options are provided. Sometimes the key to finding these alternatives is just asking someone in the dining hall even if nothing about gluten free products is being promoted.

Distract yourself with foods you like that originally don’t contain gluten

Think about your diet and what you eat on a daily basis and see how many of the items that you already enjoy are gluten free to begin with. Maybe in the morning you would wake up and go to the dining hall to get scrambled eggs, bacon, and a biscuit. To maintain that gluten free diet, you can simply make the conscious decision to skip the biscuit and maybe get some fresh fruit instead.

Maintain a balanced diet

When I first started my gluten free diet, I made the mistake of having the mindset that just because nothing I was eating had gluten in it, it was all healthier. This is not the case. Eating an entire bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and a bottle of soda, while gluten free, is still an unhealthy snack. While you’re beginning your gluten free diet, it’s important to remember that you also have to maintain a healthy, well rounded diet and still get all of those food groups in.


As long as you don’t have celiac disease, it is perfectly fine to give into temptation once in a while. None of us are perfect and sometimes just NEED that donut burger in our lives.