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Are We Too Old for Summer Fun?

With summer approaching in the next few days, the persistent and ever present question running through so many people’s heads is, “What should I do this summer?” As a freshman, this summer is going to be different than it ever was before because it is a full month and a half longer than my summer break was throughout high school. Having a longer summer break is great, but it makes the need to keep myself busy even more vital. All yearlong, my parents have been pestering me about making sure that I have a job, or something else to keep me busy all summer. They made it extremely clear that I would not be allowed to just hangout with my friends and do nothing all summer.

            For me, the hardest part about a summer job is that I am still at the age where I do not have to be a “real person” and have a “real job” quite yet; there are only a couple of years left where I am in this situation, so I want the ability to enjoy myself. Finding a job where you can make money and keep yourself busy, while still enjoying the freedom and fun of the summer, is very hard.  Having a summer where you can work when you want to, but also go on vacation and have fun when you want to, as I have come to learn, is sadly simply not a reality. The saddest part about college summer breaks is that I am no longer allowed to just be a kid anymore. As excited as I am for summer, it will definitely be different than it’s ever been before!

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