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Alex Hunter: SGA Executive Secretary

Name: Alex Hunter

Hometown:  Fairfax VA

Age: 21

Year: 2017

Major: Business Marketing

What made you initially want to run for SGA Executive Secretary?

Being on SGA’s Executive Board has been on my Elon bucket list since my first year here at Elon. Believe it or not, I actually had people come up to me and try to talk me out of it, which made me want to run even more. Running for SGA Secretary was the first time I did something that I was legitimately scared to do, and I am so glad I did!

What was the hardest part about campaigning for the position?

Definitely the time commitment! You had to be all in. One of the aspects I love about Elon is the countless opportunities and groups students can be apart of here. I attended as many organization meetings I could, speaking about my goals for the school and listening to the questions other students had. It took a lot of time, but it was so neat to learn about each organization along the way!

Now that you are elected, what are some of your goals as SGA Executive Secretary?

One of the biggest responsibilities I have as SGA Secretary is planning Homecoming! I want to completely revamp it and make a huge effort to make sure all students and organizations are taking part. As Elon continues to grow, so should our Homecoming celebration!

What skills do you think you will take away from this position?

Like all leadership positions, time management and organization are always skills that improve. Along with that, I am very excited to improve my communication skills and the relationships I will make with faculty and students alike!


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