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7 Ways to Embrace Fall Around Elon

Let’s just admit it, October is the best month of the year. From sweater weather to warm lattes to Halloween, it’s any easy stand out. Despite the rain and nastiness we’ve been experiencing, this week should turn us around and let everyone get back out there to enjoy what October has to offer.

While it may seem like the Elon bubble is a little lacking in spirit, here are a few ways to get out near campus and take advantage of the season:

1.Fall Favorites

Flannels, sweaters and lattes, oh my! You can find all of your fall favorites right near campus, whether it’s a pumpkin spice latte from The Oak House or an oversized sweater and those adorable booties from Mynt of Boho Blu.

2.Haunted Attractions

If you’ve got the guts for it, check out some local haunts like Woods of Terror in Greensboro or Kersey Valley Spooky Woods in Archdale. Tickets are about $20 for both locations—be sure to bring some friends to calm you down afterwards.

3.Fall Manicures

If you’re anything like me, no season is complete without the perfect manicure. Check out and take advantage of the student discounts. Popular colors this season include nudes, a classic deep red, warm browns or edgy grays.

4.Pumpkin Patch

Spend an afternoon at Iseley Farms in Burlington and enjoy fall fun including visiting a pumpkin patch, hayrides and live animals. Reservations are needed for this one so make sure to call ahead.


Just because we’re confined to on-campus housing doesn’t mean we can’t have a little spooky décor around. While your RA may frown upon your orange string lights, try some window clings, fake blood drips on mirrors and a couple spider webs which can all be found at Spirit of Halloween in Burlington or even Rite Aid just off-campus.

6.Costume Shopping

While you’re at Spirit of Halloween be sure to pick out this year’s costumes from their new selection. Whether you prefer classic superheroes or the newest TV characters, they have all your costume needs. For an alternative place to shop, check out yandy.com for some more fun outfits.

7.Horror Movie Marathons

Anything from classics like “Beetlejuice” to newbies like “The Visit”, horror movies are perfect for cold nights or stormy weekends. If you’re not up for an all out scare fest, check out ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween and enjoy all your childhood favorites.


Just a small town girl, living in the Elon bubble. Lattes, books, and Netflix are my thing.
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