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6 Things To Do on a Snow Day

No matter how old you are, nothing beats waking up to a snow day! Although spring is right around the corner, it still feels like winter here at Elon. We all know that feeling of when Smith Jacksons long-awaited email finally comes through. After refreshing your inbox over and over again, your mind races with possibilities of spending the day off!


Order take-out!

No one wants to get out of bed and walk to whichever dining hall happens to be open. Take advantage of the delivery options and order some convenient take-out! Go ahead, order those Cinna Stix from Dominos!




Spend all-day on Pinterest 

Spend the day pinning everything from mouth-watering recipes, to decor for your room next year! Extra points if you bake one of those delicious recipes. Although your mom probably told you not to eat the dough or batterunlike snow days in grade schoolshe’s not here to yell at you!


Go sledding! 

Grab your sled or even a cardboard box and hit the intramural fields for some quality Elon sledding! 


Snuggle up with your favorite show on Netflix 

Snuggle up in bed with your favorite Netflix show or movie! While youre at it, take a napor several naps! Other animals go into hibernation, so why not you? After all, no school means no need to get out of bed!


Have a movie marathon night with your friends.

Whether you bear the cold to go to Global Common’s Media Room, or stay in the comfort of your own dorm, opt for a movie marathon! Make sure you have some popcornor maybe some of those delicious Pinterest-inspired dessertsfor your fun evening off! Dont forget a fuzzy blanket to help you keep warm!


Go on a Mom walk

Even though it might be a tad chilly outside, bundle up and get a group of friends together for a “Mom walk”! It may not be 60 degrees and sunny quite yet, however, it doesn’t mean that you cant enjoy how beautiful Elon is. You can even bring your phone (or camera) and snap the perfect snowy Instagram picture!


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