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5 Ways to Keep Your Trendy Summer Pieces Alive for Fall

Fall is a magical time for a few reasons: the weather is crisp but not freezing, the leaves are falling, and Starbucks releases their amazingly festive fall drinks (everyone’s a sucker for at least one celebratory PSL). However, the cold-in-the-morning-warmer-in-the-afternoon weather makes fall a huge fashion limbo. You want to get the wear out of your trendy summer clothes that cost more than you’d care to admit, but how? Well listen up collegiettes, because your girl has the answer. Read below for my five tips on how to bring your trendy summer staples into fall.

1. Slip dresses/tanks

It seemed like every Instagram girl and YouTube celebrity was rocking the silky style this summer. Whether it was a slip dress or sleeveless top, there’s no doubt the lingerie-inspired look was very in this summer.  

But, don’t let your trendy pieces die this fall. Instead of wearing your silk styles solo, try layering them over a long sleeve or turtleneck shirt. Not only will this actually keep you warm, but you’ll be 100% on trend for fall ‘16.

Source: Who What Wear

2. Overalls

Overalls have been a summer staple for almost forever. Whether they’ve been worn as a legitimate look or ironically, they will never truly go out of style. During the summer, the obvious pair to overalls/shorteralls/the skirt version of both is a simple tshirt. But, move those pieces to fall by layering a turtle, long sleeve, or any warm top underneath too. Add a pair of tights and bam, you’re the chicest one on the playground.

Source: We Wore What

3. Sundresses

Now this one is kind of hard to get on board with, but I promise I’ve tried this and it actually worked. Sundresses are wonderful and make everyone feel like they’re going to a garden party. But, their prints and cuts are more often than not made for a time when everyone was tan and not layered in blubber.

However, putting a sweater (not a cardigan or open sweater, we’re aiming for winter-y cool) over your dress turns it into a skirt that will juxtapose winter’s usual dark, moody colors.

This one can be a bit harder to execute as I’ve found there’s a very specific dress-waist to sweater-length ratio sweet spot that is key. But, if you find the right combo, it’s a great way to continue the wear of a solid summer dress.

Source: Stylecaster

4. Crop Tops

Crop tops are great. There, I said it. I’m a typically Millennial. But for a long-torso girl who loves her high-waisted bottoms, crop tops are the best. One of my favorite ways to style cropped shirts with higher necklines is to layer them underneath sweaters or shirts with lower neck-lines. It adds a fun layer that not only will (kind of) help keep you warm, but it also adds a certain element of Julianne Moore-in-The Kids are Alright-cool. She had some issues in that movie I won’t deny it, but she looked so good not dealing with them.

Source: The Hunt

5. One Piece Swimsuits

Okay, so actually hear me out on this one. Although this may seem like a Liz Lemon style move to avoid laundry when you’re out of clean underwear, it actually works. One pieces came back into style in a big way this summer. For a pale piece of whale blubber like myself, this was great news. But, I honestly rarely wear swimsuits as is, so getting my wear out of these pieces was harder than it should be.

Luckily, bodysuits were also massively popular this season. And despite a few textural difference, there’s not a huge difference between swimsuits and bodysuits. In fact, swimsuits hold more benefits. So, one piece swimsuits > bodysuits.

So, layer up your one-piece under highwaisted jeans, a skirt, anything you want! It’s cool, it’s sensible, and swimsuits are weirdly expensive so you might as well get the bang for your buck.


Source: The Fashion Tag

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