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5 Tips for Making a Long Distance Relationship Work


  1. Communication: Communication is essential for all relationships but especially important for long distance relationships (LDRs). When you don’t get to see your partner often it is easy to feel disconnected from each other. Make an effort to talk as much as you can and to share the little moments from your day. Knowing the little details of each other’s day makes it easier to feel connected.


  1. Facetime: Facetime is your best friend. There is no replacement for in person interaction but getting to see your boo’s face over Facetime in the next best thing. Texting can lead to miscommunication which leads to fights. If there is a time difference between the two of you try scheduling Facetime dates where you guys can focus on each other without other distractions.


  1. Send little surprises: They do not need to be anything expensive or extravagant. Amazon makes it super easy to send their favorite snacks or little presents. Nothing feels better than getting a surprise package from your bae.


  1. Make plans to see each other: Even if you only get to see each other every few months, having a date to look forward too can make the hard times a little easier. Not knowing when you are going to see each other again is sad and hard. Even if it won’t be for a few months, having a solid date makes things easier. It is also easy to plan fun activities together over Facetime and is something fun to do as a couple.


  1. Snapchat: Not getting to see your significant other’s face every day is hard. If you guys do not have time to Facetime every day or time differences make it hard use Snapchat. Getting to see evens silly pictures of each other makes you feel more connected and it is an easy way to get to talk throughout the day.
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