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5 Thoughts You Get As a Senior

Ah senior year, the forbidden “s” word. That final down to Elon felt like reflection boulevard thinking back on all the good times I’ve had these past three years. So many thoughts have crossed my mind since then, so let me just sum up what all of us seniors are thinking.


1. This is it.

It feels like yesterday that it was freshman year move in weekend and I had just met my roommate. Get acclimated to a dorm environment and trying to be friends with every person I met was a huge hurdle to jump. As a senior, I’ve found my people, my niche, and my place at Elon and I’m not ready for this final lap.

2. It’s my last of everything.

Last time around the track. My last Parents Weekend, Homecoming, Formal, Luminaries, the list goes on and on. How do I make every moment count? Making the best of each thing is what will make everything more memorable. Maybe I shouldn’t consider them all my lasts, rather things that I will keep with me forever.

3. How many times am I going to cry?

These bursts of tears need to end. A million feelings come over my at all times of the day especially when I found out what the countdown to graduation looks like. Instead of a countdown, I decided the best thing is to make a memory wall to capture all moments of my senior year so I can look back and smile, not cry.

4. Did I complete my bucket list?

There’s only so many days we have left as seniors and a limited number of weekends for adventures. How do I make the most of every day to fulfill my mile long senior bucket list? I need to find friends that will come with me to that hole in the wall diner and to Hanging Rock (which I still haven’t been to).

5. Now what?

Is it time to start sending those job applications? What if I still don’t know what I want to do after graduation? I’m asking myself all these questions to find my direction after Elon and I still don’t know what to do. Will it be the end of the world if I don’t know yet? No. But soon enough I’ll get on the right track and follow the road less traveled by.  

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