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15 Reasons to Love Fall

15 Reasons to Love Fall

Alright ladies and gentlemen, our favorite season is here! Fall is the time of year to watch scary movies, eat absurd amounts of candy (which we convince ourselves is perfectly okay), and satisfy our sweet tooth with a steamy hot cocoa or apple cider. If that isn’t enough, here is a list of the top 15 reasons to LOVE fall!


1. The Weather

Ahhhh, finally some foliage and crisp air!  We might not get as many colorful leaves in NC compared to the Northern states, but we still love them all the same! When the leaves start to change and the air becomes chilly, it’s officially time to bundle up and head to the fire. Which brings us to…

2. Bonfires

It’s finally cold enough to snuggle around a bonfire with some blankets and s’mores. Tired of boring old s’mores? (sorry s’mores) Put a peeled banana, mini marshmallows and chocolate in tin foil over the heated fire for a DELISH fall treat.



3.  Fall Clothes

Oh my yes!! Bring out the scarves, over-the-knee boots, and chunky sweaters because it is time for fall fashion! Luckily for us, fall translates to style and comfort. You’ll never look so hot and be so cozy at the same time.



4. Apple picking

Take a trip to a nearby orchard for a perfect fall day. Don’t forget to pick up a cider doughnut, and of course, snag a prime Instagram picture.



5. Caramel Apples

Yes, apple picking is a key fall activity that everyone seems to enjoy, but what makes apples so much better? Caramel. Tell yourself it’s still healthy since underneath that sugar and sweetness is still, you know, a fruit.



6. Pumpkin Picking and Carving

Sure apple orchards are beautiful and fun, but don’t leave out the pumpkin patch! One of the best parts of fall is picking the perfect cute pumpkin. Not only is it the perfect seasonal addition to the front of your dorm, apartment, or house, but it sets the canvas for a creative carving idea! Get thinking!


7. Fairs

Finally! Town fairs are undoubtedly one of the main things to look forward to during fall. The smell of fried food, amusement rides, cute animals to cuddle, winning outrageously large stuffed animals at the game tents… what else could be better?! Answer: getting your crush to take you on the ferris wheel.




Yes, we’re college students. Yes, we still like to dress up for Halloween! Probably more than little kids. Halloween has a different feel to it now than it used to when we were children. Before we would get excited about trick-or- treating and now we get excited about where we get to show off our costumes. Halloween isn’t just one day but a full weekend of dressing up and themed parties!



9. “Scary” Movies

It is finally acceptable to rewind back to our childhood and submerge ourselves in the classic Halloween movies we used to binge watch. Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town (all of them of course), Casper, etc. Not only is it okay to watch our childhood favorites, but it’s also acceptable to watch gory, terrifying horror movies. Grab a pillow, some comfort food and surround yourself with friends and you’ll be set for the perfect fall movie night!



10. Haunted Hayrides/ Haunted Forests

I’m not exactly sure why we find it fun and entertaining to have ourselves scared half to death, but this is definitely something that is a must do! There are plenty of options around campus!



11. Seasonal Sweets and Desserts

Brownies, cookies, fudge, chocolate bark, all in fall themes! And of course… CANDY. CANDY. CANDY.  Hallelujah! It’s okay to break that diet for one (or ten) Reese’s cups.



12. Hot drinks

Hot chocolate. Hot mulled cider. Pumpkin spiced latte…. you get the idea.


13. Cozy Nights

The sun starts to set much earlier and now you have an excuse to stay under the covers with Netflix and your besties.



14. Thanksgiving

The perfect closing to fall, a feast of the most delicious food and celebration of all things fall and cozy. And since fall is winding down, that means…



15. Holiday Season is Getting Closer

The countdown to the holidays can finally begin. Some say it’s too early? I say it’s never to early! Can you hear the jingle bells? No? Just me?


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