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10 Items Under $10 for Fall


1.     This super cute scarf will be the perfect accessory to any outfit and it will keep you warm, so really it’s win-win.






2.     A travel mug will keep your fav fall drink warm for hours and they are eco-friendly! This sleek design with adorable red accents is a great gift to get for yourself or a friend.



3. These slippers are the best for keeping your feet toasty this winter. Plus look at how cute?! These slippers will save your feet from freezing dorm room floors.



4. This throw blanket is a perfect item to add to any dorm room. Not only will it spice up a boring dorm room but it will keep you toasty during movie nights with your roomie.



5. These stylish gloves will keep your hands warm on the way to class. The best part? You can use your phone while wearing them. No more taking off your gloves to text or struggling to use your nose as a finger.



6.  This mini humidifier and oil diffuser will save your skin and hair from dry dorm heating. Plus, you can use your favorite essential oils with it as well so spread a heavenly scent throughout your room.



7. On the topic of skin, this sheet mask five pack is the perfect skin pick me up during the coming cold months. These masks are infused with fruit to brighten your complexion.




8. These PJ pants will be the perfect addition to your closet. The adorable floral pattern will remind of warmer time while actually keeping you warm.



9. This hat will spice up any outfit with the faux fur pom pom. It is perfect for covering up on bad hair days and keeping your ears warm.



10. This planner is just the thing you need to stay organized and healthy this holiday season. It will keep all of your class work, family time, gift shopping lists and even how many glasses of water you have had organized.



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