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Welcome Class of 2022! Here’s What You Need to Know about E-Town

I’ve learned a number of things since joining the Blue Jays a year ago, and here’s some of it that may be of use to you.

Marketplace cheat sheet

You’ll learn quickly after coming here that sometimes the food at Marketplace is highly questionable. Things like french fries and cheese sauce, dessert, and pizza may have been sitting out for hours by the time you’re there. Never go at 3 p.m. because nothing from lunch is fresh, and they don’t start making dinner until 4:30. It’s always crowded at noon and 5:30, so try to avoid those times. Otherwise, you might struggle to find a place to sit. Here’s just some fan favorites I’ve heard people praise for a year: tomato soup and grilled cheese, chicken parmesan, General Tso’s chicken, DIY pizza, nacho bar, the cookies, and ice cream. You’re not allowed to leave Marketplace with dishes, but if you do you can return them later in the semester into distributed boxes without getting in trouble.

Fire alarms

This particularly goes for Founders Residence Hall, but it happens in other places too. Fire alarms will go off at some point in your stay here, and most likely it will be during ungodly hours in the middle of the night. It’s extremely loud and will scare the living hell out of you, but you have to act fast. Grab a blanket or sweatshirt and shower shoes, or whatever is easily accessible. Outside, you have to wait for campus security to show up, and time differs based on how far away they are. I can’t help you with staying warm when outside at 3 a.m. or falling back asleep afterwards, but PLEASE understand how to not set off the alarms. Don’t overcook popcorn, or anything. You shouldn’t smoke indoors, but if you do, open your window and blow it directly outside, not into the room. Sometimes if you take really hot and long showers, the steam builds up and can set it off, so prop the door open with a garbage pail. Don’t make your whole building hate you.

Places to be completely alone

Whether you want to study and not be distracted, or just relax by yourself, I’ve learned where great places are to be alone all over campus. These include the gazebo behind the lake, a lounge on second floor of Esbenshade towards the front, a longue on third floor of Esbenshade down the hall from the elevator, the peace garden, upstairs BSC, the sitting area behind the library, the thinking circle in the academic quads, Royer’s basement, the Mosaic House, the Dell, and of course High Library.

Following the syllabus

Most syllabi can be confusing, especially when they’re all read to you during the same two days. If your class is on Canvas, then make sure you turn on email notifications for whenever something is due or posted. If not, use the calendar in your syllabus to your advantage. Smart people use a planner and write assignments in there ahead of time, but my technique is to just always look at the syllabus every two days. When I get back from class, even if I don’t have homework due the next class, I read the syllabus to check on dates and upcoming assignments, and it’s a very beneficial habit for you to pick up.\

Enjoying the weather

I know it’s hot and we’re all sweaty and gross, but the weather should always be appreciated because before you know it we’ll be buried in snow. When it’s hot, find places with shade like under an umbrella on the BSC patio, the gazebo, under a tree between Ober and Brinser, or in the Dell. During the warm but not smoldering hot days, journey to the lake, or the hill behind Founders by the tennis courts. Or you could bring a blanket out to the Dell, lake, academic quads, or any patch of grass.

What to do on weekends

Whether you have piles of homework you saved for the weekend or some free time, you don’t have to be stuck in your dorm for two days straight. In town, go sit in the library or Folklore for hours. On campus, you still have I.D. access to academic buildings, so hijack unlocked classrooms for some alone time; just don’t make a mess cause you’ll get in trouble. We also get emails every week titled the Weekender with things to do Thursday through Sunday.

Events to look forward to!

Check out upcoming events, and make sure to stop by the Hub in the BSC for new ones. Great events are coming up, like Second Chance Prom, Homecoming, movie nights, activities fair, sports matches, and so much more. Stay tuned to Her Campus posts on social media about our next articles for more you need to know about E-Town.

Jennifer Davenport

Elizabethtown '21

Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus club at Elizabethtown College. Jennifer is part of the Class of 2021, and she's a middle level English education major, with a creative writing minor. Her hobbies include volunteering, watching YouTube for way too many hours, and posting memes on her Instagram. She was raised in New Jersey, lives in New York, and goes to college in Pennsylvania, so she's ruined 3 of America's 50 states. She's an advocate for mental health, LGBT+ rights, and educational reform.
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