Top 5 Controversial Beauty Gurus: An Introduction to the Series

The beauty community on YouTube is very large and within it are multiple “beauty gurus” that have come into some negative light. I want to start a series of articles where I dig deep into the internet to find out as much as I can about these people. I plan to watch videos, read articles, find receipts and overall just share the tea on what is going on in the beauty community. The YouTubers that I plan to cover may have had many scandals over the years that have been capitalized on and researched, but I want to search for myself.

I have been a HUGE fan of makeup ever since I was in about 5th grade. All of the colors and way that you play with the shape of your eyes or face just excited me. As a child I remember being so bad at it, just like most kids who play with makeup for the first time. I remember wearing foundation that was WAY too dark for me and made me look orange. Also, I wore gold eyeshadow all over my lid with thick silver eyeliner and called it “million-dollar eyes.” I thought I was so good looking and cool; however, looking at old photos I face-palm and wonder what I was thinking. However, over the years I have watched my fair share of YouTube videos and consider myself to do my makeup pretty well. I can do decent winged eyeliner, have foundations that match me, and know how to blend eyeshadow. I have to credit my advancement in makeup to watching videos by YouTube “beauty gurus”. I would probably still be rocking that “million-dollar” eye look today if not for them.

I have also dipped my toes in the drama community, because I find it entertaining. To be completely honest I do not watch drama videos religiously but enjoy the occasional John Kuckian video. I find them to be entertaining and if the “tea” is true I would rather be informed than in the dark. I do not want to support people who are hateful towards people, or who are being malicious or manipulative. With the fame these gurus get, it may sometimes go to their head and make them believe that they are powerful, and no one can touch them. I feel as though the top beauty influencers in the community are where all the drama lies; however, this may be because smaller influencers are not talked about as much. However, I do want to make sure that I put my money and time to support people who really deserve it and are genuinely good people. I do not want to support people who are racist, homophobic, or overall rude to others.

Since I am very passionate about makeup, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the popular beauty gurus and some of their scandals. This will help me and hopefully others to be more informed about who they are supporting. For my article next week, I want to look at someone not very controversial and then move up through some of the more controversial. I enjoy Tati Westbrook’s videos and her bubbly personality; however, I also know she is not drama free, especially recently. I think she is one of the beauty gurus with less controversy than others, but she is not squeaky clean. I will begin with background on her and her channel, then move into where I got my information, share the tea, and then wrap up with my opinion. I really hope that these articles go well and that they may help me and others figure out where to put their support with all the drama.