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It’s officially spring (once the snow melts) and that means it is time to explore and enjoy the beautiful weather. One of my favorite spring activities was always exploring Philadelphia with my family, both when we became tourist or were visiting for educational purposes. Here are some awesome events happening this spring in Philly.

2018 is the 20th year that the Cherry Blossom Festival has been brought to Philadelphia. This festival also re-opens the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. During this festival, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms, participate in origami making, attend a class to learn how to make sushi, watch a martial arts performance, and so much more!

Fun Fact: the first cherry blossoms planted in Philadelphia were planted in 1926 as a gift from the people of Japan.

Bring on the intersectionality!! This is a pride event for multiple different races and ethnicities before Philly Pride in June. This celebration is also used to bring together LGBTQ+ communities and members of the African-American communities. The hope of this event is to not just celebrate the communities, but to also educate and inspire the lives of those who are an LGBTQ+ member of color.

Calling all tech geeks to Philly to meet with business leaders during a plethora of activities including workshops and interactive workshops. Speakers for this years event include Margaret Roth, Christina Lopes, Paul McNeal, Kathryn O’Connor, Peter Lockarenkul, Abhi Nemani, Angel Rich, and Dr. Sandra K. Johnson. Last years event had approximately 15,000 attending with over 160 sponsors and partners. Based on the event that is happening this year (and from the previous tech weeks), there will also be different tracs so you know what you will like to attend based on your interests.

Our favorite park will be re-opened in the springtime as well. While the date is still unknown, keep your eyes out to take some of the people you love with you to the famous park in Philly. The LOVE statue has been in Philly since 1976, even though it was briefly removed in 1978, and has forever been a place for amazing photos, relaxation, and declarations of love.

For the athletic people in our group, enjoy a ten-mile run through Philadelphia from North Philadelphia, around the City Hall, and finish it out in South Philadelphia. Through this run, runners and donors can donate money to the American Cancer Society.

Five years and running of having this colorful and fun filled park open. Enjoy hammocks by the waterfront, the Oasis at Penn’s Landing, and the Boardwalk which has even more hammocks, ping pong, shuffleboards, swings, and bocce courts. To reserve hammocks, check out the hammock lounge reservations so then you and your friends have a few places to lay during your down time at the park for the day.

Enjoy Philadelphia’s only outdoor roller skating rink! To roller skate, it is a $3 admissions with $10 fee for roller skates, but all visitors are allowed to bring their own. If roller skating isn’t for you, check out the mini-golf course, games, rides, and concessions throughout the park (all of this will cost you something, but to walk around and enjoy the sights is completely free!). Enjoy the afternoon here with friends or family as you overlook the Delaware River in lawn chairs and at picnic tables.

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