The Only Valentine's Day Foods Worth Your Time

Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, is about being full of (1) love and (2) food. And, if you’re like me and love food, you can kill two birds with one stone. As a connoisseur of food (and as someone who has been single as a pringle since the dawn of time), I’m happy to recommend some of the best specialty foods on this beautiful holiday! Whether you’ve got a partner’s mouth to feed—or you just have an appetite for two—these foods are sure to fill you up.

Brownie Batter Donuts from Dunkin’

These things are the bomb-dot-com. If you love sugar, these are the perfect fix for that pesky sweet-tooth. Fluffy golden batter encases rich dark chocolate, and it’s shaped like a heart to boot! One of these is enough to keep you going for years, but that doesn’t stop me from grabbing three or four every spring. Seriously, go get yourself a half dozen of these things. You’ll thank me later.

Nuggets and Fries Bouquets from Chick-fil-A

Thank goodness V-day isn’t on a Sunday. Unlike a floral bouquet, which sits in a vase and spread pollen everywhere, this beautiful and scrumptious bouquet will go as quickly as it comes. And yeah, it’s kind of greasy, but it’s food. And food is fantastic. Chick-fil-A actually has a few options; besides the bouquet, there’s a heart-shaped chicken sandwich. Not sure if it’s heart-healthy, but it’ll make you heart-happy, and we all know that’s what really matters.

Breadstick Bouquets from Olive Garden

Another day, another bouquet. See what I did there? If you don’t have access to a Chick-fil-A, or if fries and nuggets just aren’t your idea of a good time, Olive Garden has the solution. Those big, bold and beautiful breadsticks can be bundled together like freshly-picked roses and delivered—dipping sauce and all—to your eager hands. It’s the perfect way to ask someone to be your Valentine, if they don’t care about calories and aren’t afraid of commitment (to eating, at least).

Heart-Shaped Pizza from Papa John’s or Pizza Hut

Nothing says “romance” like entering a dimly-lit bedroom, box of heart-shaped pizza in hand, and sliding into bed… and eating the whole thing by yourself. That’s self-care, as far as I’m concerned. Some local businesses bake their pies in a special shape on Valentine’s Day, but Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are the two big-name establishments that participate in this special day. Eat your heart out—literally.

Cherry Mocha from Starbucks

Get it hot, iced, with or without sugar, tall or venti, however you want it. This special drink is a relatively new seasonal addition to the extensive Starbucks menu, and it’s the perfect blend of fruity and tart that’ll have you puckering your lips. Whether for a kiss or another sip, that’s up to you. We won’t judge either way. Sadly, it likely won’t be at E-town’s on-campus Starbucks, but there’s another one right down the road!