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Meet Shaye DiPasquale

Shaye at a Glance

Shaye DiPasquale is a Communications major with a concentration in Mass Communications and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She also serves as the Senior Editor for our Her Campus Chapter.

Shaye’s Interests

Shaye’s passionate about human and women’s rights, and she lets her thoughts shine through her actions. In addition to Her Campus, Shaye writes for two other publications, HelloFlo and Her Culture, that support the empowerment of women.

HelloFlo is a media outlet focused on sexual health, menstruation and reproductive rights. Shaye serves as one of their contributing writers. Her Culture is an online magazine that features global news connected with women or human rights. Shaye writes articles for the magazine. In the past, she blogged and copy edited for the website. These publications allow her to voice her concern for women’s issues.

“One that’s really been a big thing for me is human (specifically sex) trafficking,” Shaye said. “I think it’s a huge issue that people don’t realize hits as close to home as it does because it’s a huge issue in this country alone, let alone in pretty much any other country you could possibly go to.”

Shaye also discusses the accessibility to menstrual products for homeless women in underprivileged communities throughout her writing.

“It’s something that’s not really glamorous to talk about, but if you think about trying to live life without it, it’s even less glamorous,” Shaye said.

How Did Shaye’s Passion for Women’s Rights Develop?

Shaye’s passion for human and women’s rights began long before she arrived at E-town. While in high school, her coursework was focused under the topic of “Contemporary Global Issues.”

“That really kicked off my high school experience with all of these internationally related issues that I probably wouldn’t have been aware of or intrigued by at that age otherwise,” Shaye said. “One of the big things we spent a lot of time talking about was the United Nations and kind of all the background history of how it came to be and what its role in the global community is.”

After learning about the United Nations in class, Shaye wanted to dive in deeper. She came across one of their campaigns, Girl Up. The focus of the campaign was “by girls, for girls.” Through this campaign, the U.N. raise awareness for programs they sponsor to benefit girls in developing countries. Shaye joined the organization and put her passion into action.

What’s Shaye Up to On Campus?

Shaye is heavily involved with several organizations on campus. In addition to serving on our Her Campus Executive Team, she serves as the Station Manager for WWEC 88.3, the on-campus radio station. She also writes a global news column for the campus newspaper, The Etownian. She’s also a choreographer for E-Motion, a dance club on campus. Mentoring is a large part of Shaye’s time at E-town. She serves as a Peer Mentor to first-year students, and she serves as a Strengths Peer Educator. Continuing with her passion for the United Nations, Shaye started a U.N. Campus Peacemakers club on campus.

What’s Shaye Up to Off Campus?

Outside of class, Shaye is involved with the United Nation’s Girl Up Campaign. She also serves as an ambassador for the Association of American University women, an organization that asks her for insights into cultural climates on E-town’s campus related to women’s issues including leadership and wage gaps.   

Who is Shaye Outside of Class?

In her free time, Shaye enjoys reading, finding new music and dancing.

“Dance has always been a big thing that I’m into,” Shaye said. This semester, she’s looking forward to dancing and choreographic for E-Motion.

What Are Shaye’s Plans for the Future?

Shaye sees a few possibilities for her future career path. After graduation, she’d like to begin her career as a journalist, but would later like to pursue a career with the United Nations.

“Down the road, I would really like to work at the U.N. in grassroots campaign building, more so than being an ambassador at the headquarters,” Shaye said.

She hopes that her educational background in social media and journalism will help her with an advocacy role in the future.


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