Profile for a Dog

Hello, my name is Mowgli Gordon, I am ten years old, and I am on here because I like to sniff butts and make friends. I live at home in York, Pennsylvania with my mom, my two girls, and my sister (who does not like me very much, but secretly she would be lost without me). I love running around (especially if it is somewhere, I am not supposed to be and then I get to play a fun game of catch the puppy with my people). I love to play with other dogs and absolutely love the dog park, I can pee on every tree and sniff so many butts! I love walks with my people, when it is warm out we go almost everyday and I find so many new smells. I love to chase rabbits, squirrels, birds, and mice, although when I caught a mouse, I immediately jumped five feet in the air out of fear (I am a very brave boy). My favorite thing in the whole world is scratches, I love getting pets and scratches and can be pushy to get them. I love my people more than anything in the world and they love me too which is pretty cool.

As stated above I am a very active and playful boy who is looking for a partner to play fight or chase around. I am very loving and sweet when I want to be, but I am not a very cuddly boy although every once in a while I cuddle but it must be on my terms. I am not good at sharing food; however, I will not steal your food from you, so we each get our own food. I also HATE when my paws are touched, at all, do not even look at my paws, I will growl and get very annoyed. I do not care what breed you are, what color, what size, what shape, or gender I love all dogs equally. I really hope that—SQUIRRAL BARK BARK BARK BARK GRRRRRRRR YES RUN AWAY YOU WEAK SQUIRRAL I WILL EAT YOU! Oops, sorry, I got distracted but you should have seen that stupid squirrel’s face he was scared, as he should be. I am a brave boy who will scare all of the squirrels out of my yard because that is my territory. Back to what I was saying before I saw said squirrel. I really hope that I can meet someone who is very fun and playful, who I can spend the rest of my days playing with and enjoying life.

If I were to describe my perfect first date it would be set at the dog park, I am on the line between small and large dogs so whichever park you can go in I will follow. Then, we would meet and give each other a quality hello by sniffing butts. After that we could play around/ chase each other, or go on a romantic walk to find some nice places to sniff. If we decide that we have a connection, then we could go back to my house and eat some dog food together (in separate dishes of course). We could follow our dinner up with a nice puppy treat for dessert. My humans love giving me treats and I will make sure you get some too. If there is still time, we can take a nice nap, or play around some more together, depending on how we feel post dog park. I am very excited to meet some amazing dogs and get to know you all better, I am ready to meet friends or someone special.