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The Holidays Are So Much Better With This Survival Kit

Well Blue Jays, it didn’t seem possible but we finally made it through the semester. We just have to make it through finals and we get a break, but then it’s back to rising and grinding for the spring semester. If only there was a way to make the next semester a bit easier to get through.Well, lucky for you there are a number of products being offered by your favorite Her Campus group on campus for our next few events. I broke our six products up into categories to help inspire you to survive the next semester. Here are the products from our Holiday Survival Kit!

Keep Yourself Looking Beautiful All Winter Long

Our favorite BUXOM Cosmetics Va-Va-Plump™ Shiny Liquid Lipstick is back! In a small container, this lipstick’s formula is like no other. It applies glossy, but stays on all day. The vibrant color does not fade, and the plumping makes your lips feel glammed for hours. The color is red with pink undertones, and we still have a pinky lip gloss to give out.

I have never heard of this product before, but after trying it, I have to share the results. Alba Botanica'sⓇ Acnedote™ pimple patches work like a charm. The small, clear patches are applied before you go to sleep and they pull any extra oils and fluids off the skin and reduces scarring and redness.

If you’re running late for field work, an internship, or a job interview, the last thing you’ll remember is to put on perfume when you leave. What if your breath smells? What if you smell like a dorm room? Lucky for you, the XOXO Luv For Women By XOXO Eau de Parfum is a tiny perfume bottle that can fit into your purse, backpack, pocket, or car. No matter how important the event or how little time you have until you get there, you’ll always smell amazing.

Keep Your Dorm in Check

You know it already because we’ve always loved the Krazy Glue All Purpose Singles, but this stuff works like magic. If your snow boots are broken, your earring fell apart, your hair tie snapped, your lanyard broke, or your desk needs some touch ups, a small amount of this product and a few seconds to dry can solve the problem.

I know last time I left for winter break I came back and half my posters had fallen off the wall since I was gone for a full month. Well it won’t happen again with VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Removable Wall Fasteners. These babies can hold up any poster, frame, or object even on these old dorm walls, and they won’t ruin the paint when being removed.

The DivaCup (it deserves its own category)

Didn’t think we’d cover this product in a Holiday Kit, well neither did we. If you don’t know about the DivaCup®, allow me to explain. No more ruined underwear, stained bed sheets, or running to the bathroom. The DivaCup lasts 12 hours and has leak-free protection and saves you tons of money without the need for pads or tampons anymore. Why not celebrate the Christmas season by doing yourself a favor and scrapping the pads for this revolutionary product.

Check out our Instagram @hercampuselizabethtown for samples and details about all the products, and make sure to keep up on our social media for events so you can get yourself some of your favorite products! Feel free to message us with any questions about the products, we’re happy to inform you about them! We are in the process of some really awesome events, so make sure to keep up to date. Happy 2019 Blue Jays, us at Her Campus will see you next year, thanks for reading.

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

Jennifer Davenport

Elizabethtown '21

Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus club at Elizabethtown College. Jennifer is part of the Class of 2021, and she's a middle level English education major, with a creative writing minor. Her hobbies include volunteering, watching YouTube for way too many hours, and posting memes on her Instagram. She was raised in New Jersey, lives in New York, and goes to college in Pennsylvania, so she's ruined 3 of America's 50 states. She's an advocate for mental health, LGBT+ rights, and educational reform.
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