Hole-in-the-Wall Fun Around E-town

You’re halfway through the spring semester, and you’ve exhausted Folklore, Hersheypark and just about every shopping mall in and around the county. If you’re looking for ideas of new places to spend your time, keep reading! There are plenty of lesser-known locations around E-town that will keep you occupied for all the semesters to come.

For the Adventurous: Escape Room Hershey

Maybe you tried the first-ever Founders escape room, or maybe you played too many (aka not enough) Nancy Drew PC games as a kid. Whatever the case, Escape Room Hershey is perfect for anyone who wants to be locked in a room with their friends for an hour. You can book a reservation online for one of three themed rooms: a candy factory, a wizard’s laboratory or a 1920s speakeasy. Each room varies in difficulty, but the goal is always the same—escape! Visit their website to read more about the rooms and book a reservation.

For the Thrifty: Saturday’s Market

There’s nothing quite like Amish quilts and ornate pocket knives to let you know that, yup, this is Pennsylvania. Advertised as PA’s largest flea market, the Saturday’s Market is open every Saturday (and Sunday), rain or shine. They sell everything you could possibly want, from carnival glass to camcorders. If you’ve ever wanted to hone your bartering skills, this is the place for you! It’s completely free to attend as well, for those of us who love a good afternoon of window-shopping. If you’re in the mood to peruse some tables and meet some locals, I’d highly recommend this magical market.

For the Nerdy: Electronic Trading Center

I got Mass Effect, Destiny and Dragon Age: Inquisition at this place for $10. Some of you may have no idea what the heck that means, so let me put it in perspective—had I purchased those games from a place like Gamestop at the time of their release, I would’ve paid about $180 total. ETC, located in the heart of E-town near Folklore and Good Burrito, has every video game, DVD and geeky collectible your little heart could crave. On the search for a cheap copy of Seinfeld season four? They’ve probably got it. Want to grab a bunch of terrible bootleg games to mock with friends? Search the bottom shelves. Want that triple-A title that you just can’t fork over $60+ for? Maybe someone traded it in here. They’ve also got an arcade console with a bunch of vintage games like Pac-Man and Dig Dug. Seriously, this place is awesome.

For the Literary: The Midtown Scholar Bookstore

This one’s a bit of a drive, but it’s worth it. Located in Harrisburg, the Midtown Scholar is a haven for the bookworm in all of us. They’ve got all sorts of books ranging from vintage Shakespeare anthologies to twenty copies of “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.” Plus, they’ve got a mouth-watering selection of coffees, teas and other drinks to enjoy while you’re perusing the books. The Midtown Scholar hosts regular events such as book clubs and live music, so there’s always something to do!

For the Hungry: Good Life Ice Cream & Treats

Okay, so Rita’s is good and all, but have you heard the Good News about Good Life? This Lancaster-based ice cream joint is like Cold Stone on sprinkles and steroids. They’ll bake up cakes and other sweets, but the main draw for Good Life is ice cream. And their ice cream… hoo boy, where do I even start? It’s homemade, and you get get flavors or toppings mixed all together, not just sitting on top. They do fun seasonal flavors and have specialty milkshakes and sundaes that will tempt even the lactose intolerant. Seriously, this place is incredible. If the weather’s warm, take a drive down to Lancaster and see what it’s all about.