Favorite Youtubers


I have to admit, when I have thirty minutes to spare in between my busy schedule, I like to unwind by watching some of my favorite youtubers online. I love being inspired by different creators and entrepreneurs who are living their best lives which makes me feel more motivated. Also, I think being able to see a more human side to the people who seem to have it all makes you appreciate even more that everyone goes through hard times and that you’re not alone. This list is not in any particular order; I just wanted to share some of the youtubers that I watch religiously. The names of youtubers in this article contain hyperlinks to their channel pages.


Rohini Elyse 

Rohini is without a doubt one of my favorite youtubers ever. Her videos are extremely calming and her personality is so lovable. Her funny and upbeat nature always puts me in a good mood when I’m having a not so great day. Rohini creates lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content with her day to day routines sprinkled in. Some of my favorite videos of hers to watch are about her thrifting adventures and vlogs of her life. Rohini and her husband Sage moved from New York earlier this year to Washington (where they grew up.) Rohini’s channel is full of light, positivity, and all-around good vibes. I would recommend her videos to anyone looking for quality entertainment that still helps you relax at the end of the day.


Kelsey Simone 

I’ve been watching Kelsey forever and I don’t think I’ll ever stop (until she does at least). Her videos focus on fashion, beauty, and self-care. All of Kelsey’s videos are entertaining and aesthetically pleasing. I love watching her videos to catch up on the latest fashion trends and seeing her travels abroad. Kelsey seems like a genuinely compassionate and pure soul, filled with love for her viewers and her content. I would recommend her videos to anyone looking for fun and light-hearted content to further their fashion and beauty knowledge.


Siena Mirabella

Siena’s phrases and facial expressions have definitely made me laugh out loud to myself in my dorm room. I love how her comedic personality shows in her ‘what I eat in a day’ and ‘how to be motivated’ videos. My favorites of hers to watch are the routine, motivation, and self care videos. Siena also has a great podcast called “Young & Ambitious” with her friend Emily where they talk about college, career goals and how to live a fulfilling life being an independent and strong young woman. I would recommend her videos to anyone looking for tips on how to be more productive or living a healthier lifestyle all together. 


PeruseProject (Regan)

Regan has consistently been one of my favorite book youtubers (or booktubers) for years. I love books and I was delighted to discover years ago that youtube has a community of book lovers making videos just like beauty youtubers do. Regan gives great book recommendations, reading vlogs and even throws in some monthly fashion and TV favorites (which I love because I think her style is fantastic). Regan has such a likable personality and I think any book lover will enjoy watching her content. She has a main interest in fantasy and historical fiction, but Regan has read a wide variety of middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction.


Abookutopia (Sasha Alsberg)

Sasha is a bestselling author and book lover, as well. She has a love for Scotland, fantasy, and her two dogs (Fraser and Fiona). She splits her time between New England and the UK, reading, writing, and making art. Sasha is extremely passionate about books and it shows in her videos. I have loved a lot of the books she has included in her recommendations videos and any book challenge videos she films are entertaining.