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FALL in Love with These Songs


Singular Act II by Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina has done it again. I didn’t think she could get any better after releasing the first part of her amazing album, Singular Act I, last October. But, after releasing Act II in July, I have been listening to “In My Bed”, “Take You Back”, and “Take Off All Your Cool” non-stop. If Act I is hot girl summer, Act II is hot girl semester. Both acts make you feel empowered, yet vulnerable. Two qualities that I think make Sabrina unique and an inspiring artist. “Exhale” has her heart and soul poured into every line and is the perfect song for a crisp, autumn evening. If you liked “Sue Me” off of Act I (I know I did), then you’ll love “Looking At Me” with it’s upbeat tempo and confident lyrics. Singular Act II is a must for any midterm study session or random dorm dance party.


Teeth by 5 Seconds of Summer

Ever since I first heard this song, I’ve been playing it on repeat. I can’t get enough of the deep bass and rich vocals. This song is perfect to start this spooky season with. Even the lyrics give off a mysterious and slightly monstrous vibe. Listening to this track really gets my blood pumping and makes me want to get up and dance. The beginning at of “Teeth” even gives me a little bit of a “Stranger Things” feeling which is definitely a mood for fall. Give this song a listen when you’re in the mood for a head banging tune, but in a good way.


Love Me Less by MAX (feat. Quinn XCII)

“Love Me Less” is a great upbeat option for the people looking for a catchy track to stay awake while late night cramming or just getting amped up on the way to class. Listening to this song automatically puts me in a good mood and I think it shows. There’s a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I have no choice but to move to the beat (even when sitting). This tune is great for your morning shower or afternoon workout playlists.


Jesus in LA by Alec Benjamin

I recently discovered this song on Pandora and immediately had to download it to listen to daily. “Jesus in LA” has more of an indie vibe with impactful lyrics.Alec’s voice has a raw but beautiful quality to it that makes for an authentic and alluring listening experience. The easy to listen to instrumental juxtaposes the somewhat jarring lyrics. “Jesus in LA” tells a story of hardships but also finding out who you are amongst all the crap which seems like a relatable concept for most college students. 


Cuz I Love You by Lizzo

I love Lizzo. I really love her. “Truth Hurts”, “Juice”, and “Good as Hell” were definitely my anthems during the summer. But, the autumn calls for even bigger vocals and instrumentals that rocks you to the core. Lizzo has really taken over the music industry and I’m not mad about it. Each of her songs has a different feel, but is still cohesive to her brand and vibe. “Cuz I Love You” makes me want to go out and conquer the world, which is a good feeling when I have zero motivation to study or do homework. I am extremely excited to see what she does next because it could be anything!


Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin

The last song on my autumn playlist is “Beautiful Disaster”. This song gives me major early 2000s vibes. The song is about a young girl who has lost her way and doesn’t exactly know how to be herself. She’s figuring out life as it comes and not everything is perfect, but that’s what makes it beautiful. I’ve been listening to this song for years, and I think it’s perfect for looking out the window at the leaves changing to red and orange and reflecting on life. This song is somehow delicate and substantial at the same time; leaving you with a sense of peace and reassurance.   

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